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11/08/2017 12:00pm

WaikatoPlan2A grand plan to work together to ensure all parts of the Waikato Region are as successful as they can be, has come together this month.

The Waikato Plan has been put together over the last few years by Waikato councils, iwi/Māori, communities, businesses, and central government agencies. Its implementation will be overseen by a leadership group, which includes Hauraki District Deputy Mayor Toby Adams as Hauraki District representative.

He says the plan is all about pooling resources and working collectively to provide the best outcomes possible for everyone in the greater Waikato area “For us to grow in the region, we need to grow as a region.”

Key actions in the plan include:

  • Identifying what infrastructure is most urgently needed to make our communities successful and how this can be paid for
  • Identifying what government services are needed in our communities, and where.
  • Working closely with NZ Transport Agency on State Highway projects and investigating public transport options
  • Improving freight logistics
  • Supporting the implementation of a region-wide walking and cycling network
  • Developing partnerships that enable iwi/Māori aspirations to be achieved
  • Addressing water issues related to population growth, rural intensification and industrial growth
  • Supporting the Waikato Means Business economic development strategy

View the full Waikato Plan and the summary document