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07/12/2017 9:00am

Tired changing rooms at the Waihi Community Swimming Pool will receive a new lease on life as part of an overall upgrade planned for next year.

Built at Waihi College with the assistance of community fundraising around 50 years ago, the pool and facilities have traditionally been shared by students and the general public. In 2010 this partnership was formalised when the Council invested in a heating system, supplied lifeguards, and took responsibility for operating the pool outside school hours.

Mayor John Tregidga says a bit of overall TLC is now needed and the College and the Council are working together to clarify how this will be funded.

Pools are expensive to run and maintain so combining resources and sharing one pool makes total sense. We just need to work through a few things with the college to make sure the costs are fairly distributed and that we agree on the best way forward,” he said.

Ensuring the right balance between the needs of the college and other groups and individuals within the community is also a priority. The current booking schedule will be reviewed over the next few months to make sure it caters for everyone.

Waihi College Principal Alistair Cochrane says the partnership is a win-win for the college and the wider community.

The important thing for me is that we have a shared facility for all. We’re fortunate to be in a position to work with the Council for the benefit of everyone.

It’s expected upgrade work will begin early next year.