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22/12/2017 2:00pm

Hauraki District Council has signed up for Local Government New Zealand’s CouncilMARK™ excellence programme in 2018.

This means its performance in four key areas will be measured and rated every three years by an independent assessment board.

Council Chief Executive Langley Cavers said joining the programme is a hugely positive step for the council and the community.

This is a great tool to assist us to continuously assess our performance and improve the value we are delivering to our communities in four priority areas; governance and leadership, financial decision-making, service delivery and community engagement,” he said.

Through the programme, participating councils will be assessed every three years and given a CouncilMARK™ rating from AAA to C, as well as grades across the four priority areas. The independent assessment board which oversees the programme will publish the assessment report and ratings on the CouncilMARK™ website. Councils will discuss results with communities and use the assessments to plan improvements.

LGNZ President Dave Cull said the CouncilMARK™ programme was set up to give communities a clear and independent picture of how well their council was performing in serving the community.

This will provide for communities a thorough and trusted standard for council performance. They will now know that their council meets an AAA to C standard,” he said.

For councils this will help them improve the value they deliver for communities. They will now know how they perform across the council, and where the community wants improvement.”

The excellence programme has been developed in response to the 2015 New Zealand Local Government Survey, which showed there is an opportunity to lift and demonstrate the service and value councils deliver to their communities.

Visit for more information on the excellence programme.