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03/07/2017 4:50pm


We’ve made some small changes to existing fees and charges for the coming year and included a couple of new fees in our fee schedule.

What are the changes?

We’ve increased our dog registration fees, which you may have seen published earlier in June, and we’ve increased our standard LIM fee by $15 per application to $215. Pensioner housing rent has also increased by $6 per week so we can meet the cost of maintaining our pensioner units.

We’ve introduced a new $50 fee which will be charged when alcohol is consumed at our memorial halls during hire periods. This contributes to additional cleaning costs incurred when alcohol is spilled on the hall floors.

Knowing which fee to pay when applying for building or resource consents should now be easier, as we’ve included some colourful process charts to help you identify the right fees to be paid at the time of application, and what charges may apply further along in the process. We’ve also included a new set $800 fee for lodging a building consent for a pre-approved proprietary garage or outbuilding between the value of $20,000-$40,000.

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