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Week 1 begins Monday 19 June 2017

14/06/2017 2:00pm

The last day to renew your dog registration or register your new dog for 2017/18, is 31 July. 

Border collie
Would you like a reduction in dog registration fees?

A Responsible Owner Licence (ROL) rewards those dog owners who keep their dogs under control at all times, and have a good registration history, with a reduced fee (from $85.00 to $52.00, or $37.00 if the dog is de-sexed).

Find out how to obtain a Responsible Owner Licence

ROL Applications accepted 1 June to 15 July 2017

How much are Dog Registration fees and what do they pay for?

A full schedule of fees and an explanation of what dog registration fees pay for can be found on our Dog Registration page.

Registering a new dog or a dog new to the Hauraki District

If your dog is new or new to the district and has not been registered with Hauraki District Council, please call in or give us a call first before making payment over the internet, to ensure your payment doesn't go astray.

Renewing your dog registration

If your dog is already on our books there are a number of ways to pay your dog registration fees:

....sign the registration form and return it to the Hauraki District Council.

Before we can issue a tag...

However you choose to pay, and whether your dog has been registered with us before or not, we'll need a copy of your signed registration form, delivered by post, or in person, before we can issue your dog with his or her new tag. 

More about dogs and dog registrations

If you have any questions about dogs and registration, more information can be found on our website - Dog Registration - or please don't hesitate to give us a call