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19/05/2017 5:00pm

Routinely boiling drinking water is now a thing of the past for people living in Karangahake and Mackaytown. This week the last few properties in the area were connected to the much superior Paeroa water supply and precautionary boil water notices have been lifted in both communities.

Hauraki District Council Group Manager Engineering Services Adrian de Laborde says the Council is on a mission to upgrade all of its drinking water supplies and the completion of the Mackaytown and Karangahake upgrades is a real milestone.

"Precautionary boil water notices have been more or less a permanent feature for these communities for some time, so it’s a really nice feeling to be able to tell residents they can now drink water straight from the tap to their heart’s content," he said.

He says residents may notice a slight change in the taste of their water as the Paeroa water supply is sourced from a different river than the previous supplies, but the quality of the new water supply is far superior.

The District’s main water treatment plants in Kerepehi, Waihi and Paeroa have all been upgraded over the last few years. Last year the Waikino community was connected to the Waihi water supply.

Acting Mayor Toby Adams says the Kaimanawa water supply, which services the Kaimanawa community southwest of Hikutaia, is the District’s sole remaining rural supply, and next in line for an upgrade. Due to inconsistencies in the quality of the water, a precautionary boil water notice is in place until further notice.

"With the completion of Mackaytown and Karangahake our focus has turned to this community and the most cost-effective way to connect them to the Paeroa supply," he said, "We’ll be meeting with residents to discuss plans sometime over the next few months."

Muddy tasting water experienced over the last few summers in Waihi, Waikino and Paeroa is also now a thing of the past following the successful installation of specialised UV peroxide treatment systems designed and built in Canada to remove taste and odour. Caused by compounds released into the water by dying algae over summer, the earthy tasting water was safe to drink but left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

Adams says water is our most precious resource and it’s fantastic to see such good progress being made in its delivery throughout the District.

"We’re aware some of our communities have been experiencing water quality issues for some time and we appreciate your ongoing patience as we work to upgrade all our water supplies."