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26/05/2017 4:20pm

A welcome window of fine weather has been put to good use by Waihi Sport ‘n’ Action. The asphalt surface on 10 new netball and tennis courts at the back of Morgan Park has now been completed.

Waihi Sport ‘n’ Action Chair Des Mulhern says the work was planned for earlier in the year but has been held up due to the recent weather events.

“The asphalt contractor’s main work stream is roads, and after the recent weather events they were snowed under fixing those, which understandably took priority over our courts. But it’s great to see the work’s now done and it’s going to be even better to see people playing on them,” he said.

Stage 1: still-to-do list

(expected completion 3 months - except for rubberised surface):

  • Lights - special LED lights that use half the power of normal lights. Bulbs don’t need changing for 10 years
  • Line marking
  • Nets, goal posts and fencing
  • Rubberised surface – 4 of the 10 courts will have a specialised rubberised surface suitable for tennis (will be laid once the weather warms up in spring/summer).
Stage 2: to-do list
  • Move the netball pavilion and create shared clubrooms for all sporting disciplines
  • Create new croquet and bowling greens
Stage 3: to-do list
  • Redevelop football and rugby fields

Morgan Park Recreation and Community Centre The Sport ‘n’ Action Waihi Trust’s overall vision for the project is to promote an active and healthy community by offering increased participation opportunities in sport and recreation. The project will achieve this by providing up-to-date facilities in an easily accessible environment.

Morgan Park will become the hub of sport and recreation in Waihi, with shared clubrooms and a collaborative approach to overheads, maintenance, sponsorship, funding and marketing.

“I’d like to thank Waihi Sport ‘n’ Action and key Council staff for working so hard to move work forward despite the regular rain interruptions. It’s great to see the hot seal has gone down and I’m looking forward to the court markings, lighting and fences being completed.” 

Councillor Max McLean
Waihi Ward Chair