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23/11/2017 11:20am
HaurakiHouseOld mdCouncil building undergoing strengthening, renovation and repair

Paeroa council staff will have a nice new roof over their heads next winter. The existing roof of Hauraki House, which is the official name of Council’s office building on the corner of Belmont and William Street, is in need of repair and will be replaced during summer while the sun is shining.

Earthquake strengthening work, exterior painting, and some interior renovation work to create more office space, will be completed at the same time.

Also a Civil Defence Emergency Operating Centre

Wearing a second hat as a Civil Defence Emergency Operating Centre that would be used as a base for coordinating response teams in an emergency event, the building is classed as an earthquake-prone priority building under new government legislation. This means it must be earthquake strengthened within 12.5 years, or at the earliest opportunity.

Council Chief Executive Langley Cavers says strengthening the building is a priority in the interest of public safety and some TLC on the building is long overdue.

“We literally had buckets lined up on the floor to catch the drips in some parts of the building last winter,” he said, “The roof is in a particularly sorry state and can’t wait, and of course it’s most cost-effective to do all the other maintenance work at the same time.”

Minimal disruption 

The project has been planned to create minimal disruption to Council services but Cavers says customers may occasionally hear some background banging and clanging when visiting the office or talking to staff on the phone.

“Our office hours will remain the same but things could get a little bit rowdy at times. We appreciate your understanding while we get this job done.”

Built in 1972 to house the Department of Social Welfare and Ministry of Works, the building was purchased by Hauraki District Council in 1990 and officially opened in 1997. Prior to 1972, the site was home to local coach builder, wheelwright, and undertaker Brenan and Company Ltd. 

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