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Week 2 begins Monday 11 December 2017

11/10/2017 4:00pm

A peaceful night’s sleep is more likely now Council’s noise control officers are able to issue fines for excessive and unreasonable noise, such as loud stereos and other late night shenanigans.

Fines for repeat offenders

Starting Monday 16 October fines of $500 and $750 will be used as an extra deterrent for those who repeatedly ignore verbal warnings to turn their stereos down.

Council’s Group Manager of Environmental and Planning Services Peter Thom says in the majority of cases the current system of uplifting equipment is failing to deter loud party goers.

Being able to issue an infringement fine would result in an instant consequence and hopefully be more of a deterrent than seizing equipment that can generally be replaced pretty cheaply and easily,” he said.

Last resort

Discretion would be applied to the issuing of the fines, which he says will only be used as a last resort in cases where verbal warnings are ignored.

Last year we received 278 excessive noise callouts after hours. Of those around 30 were repeat offences and 12 were from the same address,” said Thom.


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