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29/09/2017 9:30am

The Council is proposing some changes to its Alcohol Control Bylaw, which outlines rules around alcohol use in public places.

What alcohol bans are currently in place?

There is currently a permanent alcohol ban in public places within the 50 km/hour speed limit areas of Ngatea, Paeroa and Waihi, and also the 70km/hour area of Parry Palm Ave, Waihi.

A seasonal alcohol ban (Christmas/New Year) in public places has been in place at Whiritoa since 1996.

Why were these alcohol bans put in place?

These alcohol bans were put in place at the request of the New Zealand Police because of alcohol related crime or disorder being experienced at these locations.

What changes are being proposed by the Council?
  • A permanent year round alcohol ban at Dickey Flat campground -
    • requested by Department of Conservation and supported by the NZ Police due to a high level of crime and disorder (made worse by alcohol consumption).
  • Extending the current seasonal alcohol ban in public places in Whiritoa to a year round ban -
    • requested by NZ Police due to alcohol related disorder outside of Christmas/New Year period;
    • consistent with bans in Ngatea, Paeroa, and Waihi.
If the ban goes ahead in Whiritoa, will I be able to serve alcohol at my beach wedding?

Yes. You can apply to the Council for dispensation for special events in public places such as:

  • beach weddings,
  • community social gatherings e.g. fairs, hall event,s etc..
Do I have to pay a fee for dispensation?

There is no fee for dispensation for non-commercial social events. A fee may be payable in the case of large, commercial events, e.g. concerts.

Can I sell alcohol at a public event?

Yes. You can apply to the Council for a `special licence’ to sell alcohol at a public event, e.g. fair or hall event.

Will I be arrested for enjoying a glass of wine on the beach?

Police have indicated they will be taking a `graduated’ approach to breaches of the ban:

  • Their focus will be on problem behaviour.
  • The Bylaw changes will give them the tools they need to issue verbal warnings, fines, and make arrests, as appropriate, all year round.


Draft Alcohol Control Bylaw

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Important Dates

Consultation begins:
1 September 2017

Submission period closes:
2 October 2017

Hearing of submissions:
25 October 2017 in the Hauraki District Council Chambers, William Street, Paeroa

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