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Community Briefing

Kaiaua Flooding
Tuesday 9 January 

Kaiaua Bowling Club / Community Centre

Lipscombe Rd

Hauraki District Mayor, Plains Ward Councillors, Civil Defence, Council Staff and representatives from support organisations will be in attendance to find out more about your immediate needs, answer your questions, and provide important practical information.

Kaiaua Update 6:15pm, 8 January

Visit from the Civil Defence Minister

Civil Defence Minister Kris Faafoi is to visit Kaiaua, Thames, and Te Puru tomorrow for a briefing on weather damage and recovery activity and to visit two of the most affected communities.

Rural Support

In the Kaiaua area, Civil Defence and Rural Support teams visited farmers today to get an overview of storm damage. While most homes and buildings are unaffected there are several properties with significant damage to pasture and crops. The Rural Support Trust will be monitoring the situation over the coming weeks and offering support. Expert information about dealing with the effects of salt water inundation will also be distributed over the next few days. Current advice to affected farmers includes de-stocking and feeding supplements where possible.

Residential Support

We're in the final stages of gathering and collating residential damage assessments and should know soon how many properties were affected.

Taupo District Council has deployed a Civil Defence Response team to help with the Kaiaua clean-up. If people are aware of anyone needing help.

Road Closures Update

East Coast Road between Orere and Waharau is now officially open to one lane, allowing motorists to travel between Kaiaua and Auckland. There is still a lot of work to do in the area so motorists are advised to drive with caution and use an alternative route if possible.

Skip Bins Information

Skip bins are still available in the Kaiaua area, and septic tank cleaning is underway. For safety reasons people are asked to avoid piling the skips up when they are full. If they are full, flood damaged household items (e.g. carpet or furniture etc) can be placed alongside the bins, or outside your property, and we will remove these as soon as we can in the coming days.

Health & Safety

Other safety tips include having electrical appliances and components subjected to saltwater checked by an electrician before use. The difference between fresh water and salt water inundation is that with salt water even once wiring is dry, salt may still be present and conducting electricity. People should also avoid eating home grown vegetables and fruit exposed to flood waters as these may have been contaminated with septic tank overflow


Kaiaua Update 11am, 8 January

If you're thinking of taking a scenic drive along East Coast Road this week, think again.

This photograph was taken just north of Waharau at one of many storm-smashed sites. The latest information we have from Auckland Transport is that the road is officially closed south of Orere in the Auckland District.

Although the road is open in the Hauraki District to just north of Waharau, care is required and people are advised to avoid the area unless absolutely necessary.

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The Insurance Council is advising people affected by recent heavy rain and flooding to contact their insurer as soon as possible.

When it’s safe to do so, take pictures of any flooding or weather-related damage – this will help your insurer with their assessment when you make a claim,” said Insurance Council Chief Executive, Tim Grafton. “If property you’ve already photographed receives further damage, take more photos. This is especially important if you need to move damaged or contaminated goods from your house for health and safety reasons.”

Look after yourself

An event like this can be traumatic and it’s normal to feel stressed.

Everyone responds differently to these situations. There may be outward signs of stress, changes in behaviour, or your ability to cope or be strong for others over a long period of time. This can cause a build up of tension without realising it’s happening.

What are your immediate needs or what strategies can you put in place to support yourself and your family? For example, visit friends of the area so that you can have a break away from the storm damage – even a couple of hours will help you recharge your batteries.

Remember you are not alone. Talk to friends and family. Here’s some useful information and helpful information sheets to download:

Farmers – if you’ve been affected by the storm, you’re not alone. The Rural Support Trust are here to help – give them a call on 0800 RURAL HELP (0800 787 254). Rural Support Trust is an independent organisation - farmers talking to farmers. They also have a Facebook page 

Kaiaua Update 1pm, 7 January

In brief:
  • The road between Miranda and Kaiaua is open, but expect delays and drive with care. 
  • Skip bins and portaloos are available in Kaiaua 
  • Take pictures of any flooding or weather-related damage to help your insurer with their assessment when you make a claim. This is especially important if you need to move damaged or contaminated goods from your house for health and safety reasons
  • Rural support trust outreach will start from tomorrow
  • We’re focussing on making sure people in affected communities have what they need to stay in their homes for the next 24-48 hours. If you need assistance, let us know. 
  • Remember if you are transporting water it is only as clean as the container you have it in. If you are in any doubt boil the water before use.
Skip bins and refuse collections
  • Skip bins are located at the intersection of East Coast Rd and Kaiaua Rd and the corner of Puriri Ave and East Coast Rd. A further skip bin will be available later this afternoon at a location yet to be determined.
  • Please keep large electronic goods (e.g. refrigerators) out of skip bins. They can be placed alongside the bins, or outside your property, and we will remove them as soon as we can in the coming days.
  • For safety reasons please avoid piling the skips up when they are full. If they are full, flood damaged household items (e.g. carpet or furniture etc) can be placed alongside the bins, or outside your property, and we will remove it as soon as we can in the coming days.
  • Kerbside collections will take place as usual this week 
Offers of help
  • We are getting lots of offers for money and goods to support those affected by the floods. Thank you to all those offering help. We are working on getting systems in place for money and goods, and will publicise how you can contribute as soon as those systems are in place. 
  • Check with neighbours that may need help.
  • Keep an eye on property. If any suspicious activity is noticed call 111.

Updated 5.40pm, 6 January

Water issues in the Hauraki Plains

Ngatea - Water Quality - A power outage at the water treatment plant has caused an issue with water quality in Ngatea. Our utilities staff are working to resolve this now. Hopefully you will see an improvement soon.

Water Pressure - from Netherton through to Huirau Road - Water pressure has been affected by a power outage at the Kerepehi water treatment plant. PowerCo has been contacted.

East Coast Road
  • The East Coast Road is open within the Hauraki District but there are still multiple areas of debris being cleared by contractors so great care is required to traverse this road.
  • Toward the northern end of our district there is an underslip with the road down to a single lane.
  • Work is being carried out in the Kaiaua township to clear debris from driveways.
Skip bins
  • One skip bin is now in place on the East Coast Road south of the GAS service station
  • A second skip bin will be located just past the boating club by tonight (Saturday 6 Jan)
Drinking Water
  • A water tanker will be opposite the GAS Service Station tomorrow Sunday 7 Jan from 9.00 am – 11.00 am. The water is free but you will need to take your own containers.
  • If you need water urgently tonight get in touch with the Kaiaua fire station
  • 2 are situated at the boating club
  • 2 are situated on Kowhai Ave
Power Outages

To find out about power outages in your area and estimated times of restoration please go to websites below:

Update 9.00am, 6 January

As far as we’re aware there were no additional issues in Kaiaua overnight. 

Road Closures
Road closures are still in place on Front Miranda and East Coast Road. All other roads in the district are open but care
is required as there may still be surface flooding and debris about.

Civil Defence and council building teams will be in the area today doing a rapid assessment of affected homes in terms of public health and safety. 

Community Briefing
A community briefing will also be held at 2pm today at the Kaiaua Bowling Club, Lipscombe Road, Kaiaua. Hauraki District Mayor, Plains Ward Councillors, Civil Defence and Council staff will be in attendance to find out more about community needs, answer questions, and provide important practical information. Everyone is welcome.



Update 8.50pm, 5 January

Weather expected overnight

• Winds have turned westerly
• Rain expected to ease right back
• High tides are expected at approximately 11pm tonight and 11.30am tomorrow

What’s happening tomorrow

• Civil defence and Council presence making house to house rapid assessments and building inspections
• A community briefing will be held at the Kaiaua Bowling club at 2pm lead by Mayor John Tregidga
• Needs will be assessed for locations of portaloos, water tankers and skip bins

Who to contact for help

• If life or property are in danger call 111
• The Kaiaua Volunteer Rural Fire Force have organised the Mangitangi School as an evacuation centre. They have a Facebook page and phone 021 08164853
• Farmers impacted can contact Waikato Rural Support Trust 0800 787 254 to share their situation and obtain advice
• For Council related issues called 0800 734 834


Kaiaua drinking water available

Residents of Kaiaua - how is your drinking water supply holding up?
Any residents needing drinking water can take a container to the Kaiaua Fire Station to top up.

Update 4pm, 5 January


East Coast Rd

  • East Coast Road, Kaiaua is closed from both ends with multiple areas of flooding and a large amount of debris. Motorists are advised to stay away.
  • SH2 West Of Ngatea between Canal West Road and Pipiroa Road remains closed due as contractors clear fallen trees from the road.
  • SH25 the twin bridges at Waitakaruru is open but slow with water up to the road and debris requiring care.
  • Front Miranda Road - Motorists are advised to stay clear due to a significant amount of debris on the road being cleared.
Power outages
  • There are a number of power outages across the Kaiaua Coast, Counties Power is working on these and power should start to be restored within the next hour. For information on these outages please see Counties Power outage website.
  • Other areas of the Hauraki District can view any power outages on the PowerCo website.
Affected areas
  • Civil defence staff are still assessing the damage as access becomes available and determining the number of people and properties affected. Properties that have been inundated are expected to be assessed for safety by Hauraki District Council building inspectors over the weekend. Residents are advised to stay away or relocate to friends and family’s homes if possible.
  • The next two high tides are expected at around 23:00 Friday, 5th January and 11:30 Saturday 6th of January. These tides are not expected to be as forceful as this morning’s high tide, due to the wind turning to the west.
  • Around 15-20 displaced residents have been relocated to the Kaiaua fire station, where there is currently no power, however a generator is in use.
  • Waikato Regional Council is monitoring the stopbanks in Ngatea and have placed sand bags where required. 
  • Farmers impacted can contact Waikato Rural Support Trust 0800 787 254 to share their situation and obtain advice.
  • Avoid any potential health risks by keeping yourselves, your children and pets out of flood waters.
Hauraki Rail Trail
  • The cycle trail has been closed since 1pm today and will remain closed until the storm has settled and damaged assessed. Refer to their website and Facebook page for updates. 

Update 12.15pm 5 January

Front Miranda Road and East Coast Road in Kaiaua are still both closed due to flooding. The roads are full of water and debris. It's expected they will remain closed for at least 3 hours until the water drops with the tide, which has now peaked and is starting to go out.

Motorists thinking of travelling from Auckland to Kaiaua from the Northern end of East Coast Road are advised to stay away. This end of the road is not currently closed but there are multiple areas of flooding, debris and fallen branches. Auckland Council is assessing the situation.

SH25 the twin bridges at Waitakaruru is open but slow with water up to the road. Care is required.

SH2 West Of Ngatea between Canal West Road and Pipiroa Road is closed due to several trees having come down. Traffic being diverted along Pipiroa Road.

Canal Road East which runs between Waitakaruru and State Highway 2 is also still open but slow travelling with water and debris on the road. Care is required.

Local controller Steve Fabish says civil defence teams and the local fire force are operating in the affected areas but some communities are still isolated.

"People have been asked to self-evacuate to higher ground, look after each other and keep an eye out for neighbours until the water recedes enough for our teams to get in."

Once the flooding has receded a Civil Defence centre will be set up for people to evacuate to.

Urgent update 9.50am 5 January

Self evacuation urged parts of Kaiaua and East Coast Road

People in low-lying areas of Kaiaua village and East Coast Road in this area are advised to urgently self-evacuate to higher ground due to inundation from the sea. Local Fire force crews are currently assisting residents and civil defence crews are also on their way to help evacuate residents.

Road Closures

The East Coast Road has been closed in this area. We expect this to be closed for about 3 hours until the water drops with the tide.

SH2 West Of Ngatea is closed due to several trees having come down. Traffic being diverted along Pipiroa.

At this stage this is all we know, but we'll update you with more information as it comes to hand.

 Latest weather forecasts are available at

An online hub for rainfall and flood related information has also recently been set up by Waikato Regional Council to help people more easily keep up to date with severe weather events in the region and access the information they need in one place. It can be found at