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24/05/2018 12:00pm

Public toilets at Paeroa Domain will be closed from Tuesday 5 June 2018, except for special events. 

Other toilets available

Paeroa Ward Chair Paul Milner said new toilets were to be built at the Domain a few years ago, but this was put on hold due to plans to provide public toilets within the new town library that was under construction at the time.

“Now that the new library is well established the time is right to close the nearby Domain toilets and direct users to the library or the town’s other public toilets at Marshall Street and Ohinemuri Park (by the L&P bottle), which are both available 24/7,” he said.

Available for events

The Domain toilets will still be available for all scheduled events including athletics, rugby, Guy Fawkes and the annual Highland Games and Tattoo. Closing them for everyday use will avoid the need for daily cleaning and significantly reduce maintenance and upgrade costs.

Councillor Milner says the situation will be monitored for the first few months in case it turns up any unexpected issues.

“We’ll be keeping an eye on how well this is working, but overall it’s expected the result will be a significant saving for ratepayers without too much inconvenience in the grand scheme of things,” he said.

To book the Domain for an event please call the Council and one of our friendly customer service staff will ensure that the booking is made and the toilets are opened.