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2012-22 Community Outcomes

What are Community Outcomes?

Hauraki District Council thinks it is important to have goals, and that’s the purpose of Community Outcomes. In simple terms, Community Outcomes are a set of goals and aspirations that the Council must work towards achieving for the benefit of the Hauraki District community.

The Outcomes are a set of statements that encourages thinking about the needs of the community and how the Council may prioritise its work to achieve the Outcomes, both now and in the future.

In 2012, amendments were made to the Local Government Act, 2002 which took away the extensive nature of Community Outcomes and they are now required to solely reflect the activities of the Council.

For Hauraki District Council this means when making key decisions, part of Council’s consideration will be how that decision contributes to the promotion of Community Outcomes.

In terms of monitoring, the Council will continue to describe its Community Outcomes in its Long Term Plan and show its contributions towards meeting these Community Outcomes in its Annual Reports.

How were the 2012-22 Community Outcomes developed?

In preparing for the 2012-22 Hauraki Long Term Plan, and after considering community feedback from the triennial survey, submissions to Plans over the last three years, legislation, and the Council Vision, the Council identified a revised set of Community Outcomes that were consulted on as part of the public submission process for the draft 2012-22 Long Term Plan. The new Outcomes were included in the final 2012-22 Long Term Plan.

The Council decided that the Community Outcomes that were identified in 2006 were still largely appropriate but needed to be reviewed, simplified and compacted into six new key Community Outcomes. These are:

  • Prepared Hauraki,
  • Interactive Hauraki,
  • Progress Hauraki,
  • Sustainable Hauraki,
  • Lifestyle Hauraki,
  • Kotahitanga Hauraki.
Prepared Hauraki

We provide a range of services and facilities to meet our District’s needs and expectations for a safe environment.

  • We provide ongoing safe, well-managed and maintained core infrastructure.
  • Our waste is collected, reduced, reused and recycled responsibly.
  • We are organised and prepared to deal with natural hazards.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: Provision of roads and footpaths, water supply, land drainage, recycling initiatives, libraries, reserves and emergency management.

Interactive Hauraki

We are a proactive Council that provides leadership and communicates effectively with all sectors of our District.

  • We advocate for the benefit of our District.
  • We keep our District well-informed and ensure information is available.
  • We consider our District’s views when making decisions.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: Development of policies, Council meetings, consultation processes, publications.

Progress Hauraki

We have a positive climate that encourages balanced and sustained economic growth throughout our District.

  • Our infrastructural services and facilities are planned and developed to meet future demand.
  • We actively encourage new opportunities while continuing to support existing ventures and service providers.
  • We encourage further development of tourism opportunities and facilities focusing on our heritage and eco-tourism.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: Street cleaning, town beautification, providing facilities for events, funding support for events and town promoters such as Positively Promoting the Plains, Positive Paeroa and Go Waihi.

Sustainable Hauraki

We plan for the wise use and management of all land and resources for the continued benefit of our District.

  • Our natural and physical environments are sustainably managed.
  • We have a shared respect for both economic growth and environmental protection.
  • We support the protection of the District’s significant natural habitats and ecosystems.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: District Plan provisions, resource consents, recycling initiative, the Sustainability Policy and Climate Change Policy.

Lifestyle Hauraki

We provide an environment that encourages vibrant communities and an enhanced quality of life.

  • Our unique communities are protected while balancing the needs of alternative lifestyles.
  • We are advocates for the provision of quality social, educational, health and training services.
  • We encourage partnerships within the District for the delivery of services.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: Positive Ageing and Youth Policies, social advocacy in projects like the ‘It’s not OK in Waihi’ campaign.

Kotahitanga Hauraki

We take a collaborative approach with both Mana Whenua and Tangata Whenua in our District.

  • We advocate for forums which ensure involvement and consultation in decision-making processes.
  • We ensure appropriate regard is made to taonga and culturally significant matters.
  • We encourage the development of partnerships for the delivery of services and programmes.

Some examples of the Council’s activities under this Outcome are: Develop suitable forums for on-going dialogue with Iwi, providing opportunities for Maori to be involved in decision-making, facilitating processes that will arise from Treaty settlements.