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The following HDC Policies relate to the operation of the Hauraki District Council.

There are also two remaining Franklin Policies covering the Kaiaua area that remain in force until they are reviewed and combined with Hauraki policies in due course.

HDC Policies, Plans and Strategies  

Financial Policies

(Policies below from the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan)

This includes:

    • Rates Remissions – Natural Disasters and Emergencies
    • Remission of Penalties
    • Remission of Uniform Annual General Charges on Contiguous Rating Units in Separate Ownership, Used Jointly as a Single Entity
    • Postponement of Rates Policy
    • Remission of Excess Water Rates
    • Remission of Water Rates to Particular Rating Units
    • Remission of Rates Assessed in Error
    • Remission of Rates on Multiple Owned Maori Freehold Land
    • Remission of Wastewater Rates Assessed on Educational Establishments
    • Rates Remissions - Rating of Low Value Land Units
    • Rates Remissions – Voluntarily Protected Land
    • Rates Remissions – Community, Sporting and other Organisations
    • Rates Remissions of Multiple Dwellings in One Complex  

Franklin Polices 

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