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2017 Annual Satisfaction Survey

We are running our Hauraki District Council annual satisfaction survey in July and August to find out how satisfied our residents are with the provision of Council services.

Not only are we asking what residents think of Council services in general, a random sample of building and resource consent applicants from the 2016/17 year will be called. These surveys are a valuable opportunity to provide feedback on the Council’s performance and the results will then inform Council’s planning and reporting in the future.

The surveys commence on 12 July and end on 18 August 2017.

Read more about the annual satisfaction survey

2016 Triennial Satisfaction Survey 

The 2016 survey, which was carried out in July/August this year, not only sought feedback on Council’s services and facilities, but also asked additional topical questions to inform the newly elected Council of the key matters for the District.

The survey was conducted by external research company Versus Research. Usually we gain responses from 400 randomly selected residents via landline. However this year we also conducted an online survey to supplement the landline survey responses and to gain a more representative sample of the District. We obtained 154 online responses.

The triennial questions asked this year related to: 

  • Important matters for the District
  • Council involvement in pensioner housing 
  • Perceptions of Council 
  • Council involvement in the provision of ultrafast broadband 
  • Frequency of rates instalments
  • Website usage
  • Internet satisfaction 
  • Social media usage 
  • Recycling adequacy 
  • Intention to vote in the local election

View the results of the Hauraki District Council Residents Survey August 2016 [PDF, 3.2 MB] Adobe PDF document

2015 Annual Satisfaction Survey Results

Each year the Council conducts either an annual survey, or a triennial and annual survey combined. Annual surveys are used to measure the satisfaction that resident users have with our services and facilities. The triennial survey includes not only satisfaction questions but a number of other questions to inform the newly elected Council at the start of its three year term.

The 2015 survey was carried out by Key Research Ltd, on behalf of the Council in during June and July 2015. The survey consisted of a random telephone sample of 400 residents. Users of the building and planning services were also specifically surveyed. To ensure a fair spread of users were surveyed, the research company used quotas to meet targets for specific demographics, e.g. age and ethnicity.

The annual satisfaction results are used in our Annual Report and used to measure our progress towards achieving our performance targets.

See below for a summary of the 2015 survey results showing the levels of satisfaction with Council services.

View the full results of the 2015 Annual Satisfaction Survey (2.22 MB)Adobe PDF document 

Summary of Survey Results 2015 – the highs and lows

The highs:

  • 100% of Plains pool users satisfied with the Ngatea pool
  • 99% of Plains residents satisfied with district parks and reserves
  • 98% of Ngatea library customers satisfied
  • 90% of Plains residents satisfied with kerbside collection
  • 89% of Waihi residents satisfied with water quality
  • 81% of Waihi residents satisfied with building consent services
  • 80% of Paeroa residents satisfied with the quality of roads

The lows:

  • 64% of Waihi residents satisfied with resource consent services
  • 64% of Paeroa residents satisfied with storm water services
  • 62% of Waihi residents satisfied with water value for money
  • 59% of Plains residents satisfied with the quality of roads
  • 48% aged 40-49 are satisfied with understanding council’s decision making processes
  • 44% of District residents have an emergency household kit sufficient for three days

2014 Annual Satisfaction Survey Results

View the summary of the 2014 survey results showing the levels of satisfaction with our services: 2014 Annual Satisfaction Survey (397 KB) Adobe PDF document

2013 Triennial Satisfaction Survey Results

The 2013 Combined Triennial and Satisfaction Survey was carried out by Key Research Ltd on behalf of Council in August 2013.

Some of the triennial topics we sought information on in 2013 were:

  • community communication preferences,
  • future directions of Council,
  • economic development,
  • Hauraki Rail Trail usage, and
  • perceptions on fluoride.

View the results of the 2013 Triennial Residents Survey (1 MB) Adobe PDF document