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Notifications of temporary road closures and temporary closures of facilities within the Hauraki District, for events or maintenance.

Temporary Road Closure - Paeroa Sunday 18 Feb 2018

Due to the Paeroa Battle of the Streets Motorcycle Event the following roads will be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated below. During the proposed period of closure provision will be made for ordinary vehicular traffic, which would otherwise use the road, to use alternative routes.

Period of closure: Sunday 18 February 2018, 4:00am to 7:00pm
Roads to be closed: Paeroa CBD - Belmont Rd (SH2) from Station Rd to Normanby Rd; Normanby Rd (SH2) from Belmont Rd to Victoria St; Arney St (SH26) from Willoughby St to Princes St. Princes St from Arney St to Wharf St; Wharf St, Marshall St, Hughendon St, Francis St, William St, Hall St from Belmont Rd to Willoughby St, Mackay St from Belmont Rd to Willoughby St, Corbett St from Belmont Rd to Willoughby St, Willoughby St from Corbett St to Arney St.

Signs, cones and barriers will be in place to redirect traffic on detour.

Hauraki Rail Trail affected

Please note that the Hauraki Rail Trail along the stop bank behind the CBD of Paeroa will be closed to cyclists during the Battle of the Streets motorcycle event. A detour will be in place. Please see the item above for details. The trail can still be accessed at either ends of the event:

    • Taylor Avenue for the Paeroa to Thames section; 
    • Te Aroha Road, from the Paeroa College side of Criterion Bridge for Paeroa to Te Aroha and Paeroa to Waihi sections.

Road closures due to any recent weather events

View the list of local road closures due to the effects of any recent weather events:

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Road Works - Resealing

View the road resealing schedule of works within the Hauraki District:

North Island Highway Information 

Road closures of highways in the district due to hazards (e.g. flooding, slips, accidents) will be listed on the NZ Transport Agency website.