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Project Martha

Resource Consent Applications lodged for proposed new mine project

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Week 1 begins Monday 16 July 2018

OceanaGold (NZ) has lodged resource consent applications with Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council for further mine development in Waihi. The applications, which will be processed jointly by the two Councils, cover the proposed Martha Project announced by the company in March this year.

The resource consent applications to the Hauraki District Council are to authorise all land use activities associated with construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the proposed Project Martha and for a subdivision consent of Company land to accommodate the re-alignment of Bulltown/ Cambridge Roads. The project includes work to stabilise the north wall of the open Martha Pit and to re-instate the pit haul road to allow access to the bottom of the pit for mining. New underground mining is proposed beneath the pit and also within the Rex vein which is situated under a reserve/residential area from the rugby clubrooms to the Mueller and Kenny Street intersection.

The resource consent applications to the Waikato Regional Council are to authorise specific aspects of land use (removal of vegetation, earthworks to construct noise bunds, backfilling land in the Martha Underground Mine) and to permit the taking, diversion and discharge of ground and surface water associated with construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the proposed Project Martha.

The resource consent applications will be publicly notified at the request of the company, which means there will be an opportunity for community feedback via written submissions. Notification will occur once all further information requested from the applicant has been received.

Prior to notification hard copies will be available for inspection in the offices and libraries of HDC in Waihi and Paeroa. Those considered directly affected by the project will be notified of the applications by post.

Consent applications and supporting reports lodged for further mining in Waihi

Applications and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

Covering Application Letter [PDF, 327 KB] pdf.gif

Application for Resource Consent and Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) [PDF, 5.4 MB] pdf.gif

Form 9 (Land Use & Subdivision) [PDF, 251 KB] pdf.gif

Requests for Further information

HDC - Further Information Requested [PDF, 432 KB] pdf.gif

HDC - Further Information Request - clarification [PDF, 109 KB] pdf.gif

WRC - Further Information Requested 1 [PDF, 1.7 MB] pdf.gif

WRC - Further Information Requested -  1A [PDF, 184 KB] pdf.gif

Technical Reports

Please note the large file sizes of many of the documents below. These PDF files may take a while to download depending on your internet connection. Documents above 10MB have been separated into smaller parts where indicated. If you have difficulty downloading large documents you may prefer to view hard copies which will be available in the Paeroa and Waihi Council offices and libraries once the applications are notified.

Appendices A – Y