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The document is in PDFformat which require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit and download a free copy of the reader

View the Waihi Subsidence Assessment (4.87 MB)Adobe PDF document

Executive Summary III
1.0   Introduction1
 1.1Mining Background 1
 1.2Mining Subsidence Review   1
 1.3Previous Reporting  4
2.0   Subsidence Crate Review5
3.0   Void Migration Calculations for North Branch, Mary, No. 2 and Martha Stopes   6
4.0   Pedestrian Safety in Waihi Hazard Zones  7
5.0   Ground Deformation at Waihi  9
 5.1  General ground deformation near mines   9
 5.2  Terminology   10
 5.3  Deformation at Waihi    10
 5.4  The types of ground deformation near Martha Mine at Waihi  11
 5.5  Recommended Additional Ground Movement Monitoring  13
 5.6  Future Ground Movements  14
  5.6.1  Estimating the extent of slow (type 4) ground movements   14
  5.6.2  Possible extent of long-term ground movements 15
 5.7  Possible remote sensing DInSAR monitoring 15
6.0   Summary and Conclusions  18
7.0   Acknowledgements   19
8.0   Limitations of the Report19
9.0   References  20
 Figures 5, 5a, 5b21
 Figures 6, 7, 7a24
 Figures 8, 9, 1027
10.0   Appendices36
 Appendix 1 – T W Maton AusIMM Nelson Paper 2004   37
 Appendix 2 – PSM125.L88 report   40
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 Rev 1.pdf (9 pages) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 1.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 2.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 3.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 4.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 5.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 6.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 7.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 FIGURE 8.pdf (1 page) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 Attach A part 1.pdf (5 pages) 
  Appendix 2\PSM125.L88 Attach A part 2.pdf (5 pages) 
 Appendix 3 – Professor Elms 2002 report on Road Safety in Waihi 68
 Appendix 4 – Remote Sensing Monitoring by Sergei Samsonov, GNS Science 70