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Hawkers / Itinerant Traders 

Any person who wishes to sell items from a vehicle or mobile stall which is located on a property other than their own will need to apply for a Hawker's Licence. Find out more about applying for a Hawker's/Itinerant Trader's Licence. 

Registration as a Food Premises  

To sell and/or process food a person must register as a food premises with Council and complete an Application for Registration of Premises.  Find out more about Registration as a Food Premises.

Food Control Plans 

A food control plan is a risk-based measure that helps food operators meet their food safety obligations. It concentrates on the processes and procedures that need to be in place to keep food safe. Find out more about Food Control Plans. 

Food Grades 

The Hauraki District Food Safety Bylaw applies to food service operations such as restaurants, cafes, take-aways, bakeries, dairies, butchers, pubs, clubs and caterers that prepare and serve ready-to-eat meals and snacks for consumption by customers both on and off the premises. Find out more and view the Food Grades for eating establishments in the Hauraki District.

Fund-raising Food Stalls

Fund-raising food stalls like sausage sizzles or cake stalls, etc, must register as a food premises with Council and complete an Application for Registration of Premises, although there is no fee required for Temporary Food Premises operated by non-profit organisations. Find out more about Fund-raising Food Stalls. 

Enironmental Health Fees 

For Food and Other Premises, Trading Licenses, Inspections, etc. View the schedule of Environmental Health Fees.