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Apply for registration of Premises 

Even fund-raising food stalls like sausage sizzles need to be registered as a food premises with Council -Application for Registration of Premises(28 KB)Adobe PDF document

Basic Food Hygiene Requirements

BarbequeWhile sausage sizzles are a popular form of fundraising, basic food hygiene requirements still apply.

Food Hygiene Regulations stipulate that no person shall store food for sale unless-

  • Food is kept clean and free from contamination at all times.
  • It is stored at a temperature that will protect against deterioration and spoilage.
  • That every person involved avoids unnecessary contact with the food -“ the use of gloves and suitable implements is mandatory.
What does this mean in practice?

Every part of the appliance (BBQ) that comes in contact with food must have a smooth impervious surface (won't allow liquid through) which is free from cracks or other defects.

The appliance must be cleaned thoroughly at the end of every working day.

Perishable Food must be kept in a chilli bin or similar which is kept at a temperature of less than 4ºC.

Poultry such as chicken are high risk and are not suitable for cooking in public.

4 Simple Rules to help keep you safe
  • Clean 
  • Cook 
  • Cover 
  • Chill
What do I do if I need more help or want to report an unsafe site?

Please contact the Monitoring Officer -“ Environmental Health at the Hauraki District Council.