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Week 2 begins Monday 13 November 2017

The Hauraki District Food Safety Bylaw (Part 3, section 7 of the HDC Consolidated Bylaw) applies to food service operations such as restaurants, cafes, take-aways, bakeries, dairies, butchers, pubs, clubs and caterers that prepare and serve ready-to-eat meals and snacks for consumption by customers both on and off the premises.   

The grading system for food premises is designed to help consumers make more informed choices about where they eat.   

The Food Safety Bylaw will:   

(a) Implement a food grading system for food premises;
(b) Require food premises to display grading certificates, and
(c) Encourage food handlers to be trained in food hygiene practices.   

Grade A - Excellent.
Grade B - Good.
Grade D - Poor.
Grade E - Unacceptable.   

(Note: There is no C grade. Food premises either meet the required standard or they don't.)   

Food premises are required to display their Food Grade Certificate in full view of the public. 

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