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Turua Upgrades

Over the next few months we'll be working on two big projects in Turua.

Water main upgrade

The installation of a brand new water pipe from Bagnall Square to Matai Street is now almost complete.

The new pipe is made from plastic with stainless steel fittings and is much more robust than the old concrete one.

All going to plan it should keep doing its job for at least another 80 to 100 years, which will see most of us out!

What a mess!

Digging up the ground to lay new water pipes can be a messy business, and you may be wondering why we’re not fully reinstating driveway, road reserve and footpath areas as we go.

As the road improvements are in the same general area, it makes sense to leave the final reinstatement until after all work is finished.

In other words, while things may look a bit messy at the moment, ultimately they will be spic and span again, and better than ever.

Projects water road

Road improvements now underway

Work has begun on upgrading a large section of Hauraki Road. This work involves:

  • Improving road contour
  • Additional road markings
  • Safety improvements, such as traffic islands
  • New footpaths
  • New pram crossings (smooth transition area from footpath to road)
When will this work be finished?

At this stage we’re on track to have the work completed by Christmas, however, this will depend on the weather and other factors. We expect things to go relatively smoothly, but if for any reason we do encounter delays, we’ll keep you updated.

How will this work affect me?

There will be some temporary disruption to road traffic and pedestrians over the next few weeks.

A comprehensive traffic plan is in place and the contractor will endeavor to maintain two-way traffic as much as possible, however please allow extra time for your journey over this period, just in case.
We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we carry out this upgrade work.