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There are two types of resource consents administered by the Council: Land Use Consents and Subdivision Consents.

Land use Consents

A Land use Consent is required when you have a proposal to carry out an activity, or construct a building in a way that is not permitted by the District Plan. There are two options - either to comply with the planning standards by amending your proposal, or you may choose to apply for a resource consent.

Note that two District Plans apply: the Hauraki District Plan, and the Franklin District Plan (applicable to anyone who lives in the area of Hauraki District previously in the Franklin District).

For a general guide to Hauraki District Plan standards (in the Residential, Low Density Residential and Rural Zones) see:

Refer to the Hauraki District Plan for standards applying to other zones.

Refer to the Franklin District Plan for standards applying to the Franklin area.

Also see:

Application Form

Subdivision Consents

A Subdivision Consent is required for any subdivision of land, including cross-leases and unit titles.

See: Subdivisions

If you are considering subdividing or want to know if it is possible on a particular piece of land, it is best to contact a Planning Officer at Council to discuss the proposal. They can give you an indication of the rules in the District Plan that apply to your situation.

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The District Plan
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