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New mining proposals

OceanaGold presents proposal to extend mining life in Waihi to 2037 and beyond

Our nuisance bylaw contains rules for minimising nuisance in our public spaces and on private property. It contains rules around:

  • Using public rubbish bins for household rubbish
  • Using skating devices, bicycles and mobility scooters in public places
  • Signage in public places
  • Soliciting or carrying out work in a public place
  • Vehicle crossings e.g. a driveway
  • Animals in public places
  • Damaging or interfering with vegetation
  • Electric and barbed wire fencing
  • Horses and vehicles on beaches
  • Slaughter of animals
  • Using our reserves
  • Smoke nuisance
  • Keeping stock, pigs, poultry and bees

Nuisance Bylaw 2019 (amended 2020) [PDF, 2.3 MB] pdf.gif

Dispensation to keep pigs, poultry or bees

In accordance with the Nuisance Bylaw 2019 written permission for dispensation must be obtained using the application form below, to:

  • Keep up to four pigs in a Low Density Residential Zone
  • Build a pigsty or keep pigs closer than 50 metres to the property boundary in a Low Density Residential Zone
  • Keep more than six head of poultry in an urban area
  • Keep more than 12 head of poultry in a Low Density Residential Zone
  • Keep bees in an urban area or Low Density Residential Zone

Application form for keeping pigs, poultry or bees in an urban/low density residential area [PDF, 103 KB] pdf.gif