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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), D A Adams, P A Milner, J Thorp and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs L D Cavers (Chief Executive), R G Paterson (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), Ms J Stuart (Operation Engineer, OPUS), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager), Mr S Clark (Parks & Reserves Manager), M Buttimore (Strategic Planning Projects) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary) 


There were no apologies.


Pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Chairperson called for late items to be accepted.


THAT pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the following late items be accepted for discussion.

- Request for Financial Assistance: Paeroa Pipe Bands and Tatoo Committee Inc.

The item was not on the agenda because the item was unavailable at the time of the agenda deadline.

Discussion on the item could not be delayed because the item required the consideration of funding as soon as practicable due to the short time span until the event.

PAWC10/71 Thorp/Milner CARRIED 


NZ Police staff Sgt. Phil Caldwell was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

The following points were noted:

Seeking new staff.
Burglaries are down.
Crime prevention measures are working.
Paeroa Police Station is presently being renovated.
Interaction with Community is working well. The police appreciate feedback from Council.
‘Community link’ initiative is up and running.
Generally public are happy with the improvements in crime rate in Paeroa and have provided a very positive response.
Police staff are out in the public more now which allows the public to approach them and discuss any issues of concern.
Behaviour at the newly completed skatepark in Railway Reserve has improved. Adults are sitting at the park which is helping reduce negative behaviour.
The fence that has been erected at the playground in Railway Reserve has made the playground safer creating a barrier between the playground and the main road. The gap between the fences for the playground and the skatepark should be joined to close off the opening.
There have been a number of incidents where private property has been stolen at Karangahake Reserve as well as the taking of copper spouting from the public toilets. It was suggested that the installation of security cameras would be an advantage in reducing this problem. Sgt. Caldwell also suggested that trees be trimmed to expose the car park to the main road and having ‘capable guardians’ posted at the reserve would help in addressing security.


ROADING REPORT FOR DECEMBER 2010 (CR HARRIS) (672513,598355, 671729, 662840, 672847,664012 & 632148) (26 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

A report from the Roading Manager and District Engineer was presented which sought the Committee’s consideration of roading projects within the Paeroa area. Ms Janet Stuart (Operations Engineer, OPUS) was in attendance to assist with the consideration of the projects.

The District Engineer brought to the notice of the committee that Health Waikato Breast Screening Mobile Service had changed the preferred site to Option 2, the Council staff carpark.


THAT the report be received.

PAWC10/72 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Willoughby Street Kerbing replacement and Parking Improvement (Appendix A)


THAT subsidised funding be requested from NZTA for Willoughby Street Kerbing replacement and Parking Improvement as detailed in Option 2 of the report, and

THAT funding be allowed for the Willoughby Street Parking and Kerbing Improvements for in the 2011/12 year.

PAWC10/73 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Cr Milner voted against motion.

Council staff Parking area for the Breast Screening


THAT the option of using the Council Parking area for the Breast Screening be approved.

PAWC10/74 Milner/Adams CARRIED

Walking and Cycling Projects (Appendix C)


THAT approval be given for the Walking and Cycling year one projects proceed to construction.

PAWC10/75 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Ainslie Road Kerb and Channel Improvements (Appendix D)


THAT the Ainslie Road Kerb and Channel Improvements be approved for construction.

PAWC10/76 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Edward Place and Te Aroha Road (Appendix E)


THAT the designed footpath improvements for Edward Place and Te Aroha Road be approved to proceed to construction, and

THAT a staff report be prepared on a pedestrian precinct option for Edward place, and

THAT extension of the footpath in Te Aroha Road to the Marae be provided for in the programme.

PAWC10/77 Thorp/Tregidga CARRIED 


Following the triennial general elections, Council appointments were required to the following Committees.


Previous Member

Confirmed Member



Domain Users Group

P A Milner

J Bubb and P A Milner

Rotokohu Sports Ground Management Committee

P A Milner and J R Thorp

P A Milner and J H Thorp

Karangahake/Mackaytown Reserve CommitteeT J MeyersP A Milner
Netherton Reserve CommitteeJ R ThorpD A Adams
Centennial Park Trust BoardT J Meyers and P A MilnerD A Adams and J H Thorp
Golden Cross Mine Community Consultative GroupP A MilnerP A Milner
Positive PaeroaJ R Thorp J R Thorp
Pensioner Flats Allocation CommitteeJ M Bubb J M Bubb
Paeroa Swimming Pool Users GroupJ R ThorpJ R Thorp


THAT the above appointments be confirmed.

PAWC10/78 Adams/Milner CARRIED 


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (659092) (42 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PAWC10/79 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


Paeroa Croquet Club [648908] (82 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Treasurer for the Club has written requesting assistance with the purchase of a refurbished mower. Their current mower requires in excess of $10,000 spent on repairs to the hydraulics and the cost of a refurbished machine is $6,000.00.

The club is seeking assistance from other philanthropic trusts and, with a major tournament starting shortly would appreciate any assistance Council can offer.


THAT a letter be written to the Croquet Club declining the request but advising that the Ward would consider assisting if there was a shortfall in funding.

PAWC10/80 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Paeroa College Girls Touch Team [660645] (611 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Manager of the Paeroa College Girls Touch Team has written seeking sponsorship for the team who will be competing in the National Secondary Schools Touch Tournament in Palmerston North early December.

The team has been successful at these tournaments with a couple of the members going on to represent New Zealand in age group teams as well as the World Cup winning Black Ferns.


THAT $500.00 be granted to Paeroa College Girls Touch Team in support of their representation at the National Secondary Schools Touch Tournament in Palmerston North.

PAWC10/81 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Deshon and Mariah McCarthy-Wilson [669346] (337 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

Deshon and Mariah (brother and sister) have represented Paeroa age-grade basketball in the Thames Valley competition, and have been selected to represent New Zealand U17 Basketball at the Port Macquarie Australia tournament in January next year. The total cost for participating in the team events $3,199 each and they have raised just over half of the costs.

Mr and Miss McCarthy-Wilson have written seeking assistance with the balance of the cost.


THAT $250.00 is granted individually to Deshon and Mariah McCarthy-Wilson in support of their representation in the Paeroa age-grade basketball Thames Valley competition.

PAWC10/82 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

Proposed Extension and Upgrades to the Paeroa Scout and Girl Guide Hall [657575] (1430 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

A letter from the Paeroa Scout and Girl Guide Hall Committee has been received. They seek Council support towards a proposed extension and upgrade to their existing hall facilities.


THAT the Ward Committee supports the request ‘in principle’.

PAWC10/83 Milner/Adams CARRIED

Declaration: Conflict of Interest

Cr J M Bubb declared a conflict of interest regarding the late item as she is a member of the Paeroa Pipe Bands and Tattoo Committee and therefore took no part in the discussion on the request..


Request for Financial Assistance: Paeroa Pipe Bands and Tattoo Committee Inc. (672959) (43 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

A letter was tabled from the Paeroa Pipe Bands and Tattoo Committee Inc. requesting financial assistance to help stage and run the 18th event to be held on 12 February 2011.


THAT $1,000.00 is granted to the Paeroa Pipe Bands and Tattoo Committee Inc.

PAWC10/84 Milner/Adams CARRIED


Request for Removal of Trees - Puke Road, Paeroa

There has been a request to remove two Melia trees on Puke Road. The letter requesting their removal was presented.

The residents of 48 Puke Road are concerned the tree roots are affecting the sewer pipe to their property.


THAT the request to remove the Melia trees be declined.

PAWC10/85 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Karangahake Reserve – Security Cameras

Over the last month there has been a significant increase in burglaries to parked vehicles at the Karangahake Reserve. Police and local business owners have requested that security cameras are installed for surveillance over the area 24 hours, 7 days a week.

It was agreed that staff investigate options of security at the Karangahake Reserve.

Edward Place Reserve – Playground

Edward Place playground equipment is signalled for replacement this year. Staff have requested a number of quotations and plans from suppliers. The ward members were asked for feedback in regards to options provided.

It was agreed it would be of benefit to hold a workshop with Ward members and staff to consider the equipment requirements for the playground project in more detail.


THAT staff and members of the Ward Committee hold a workshop on a date to be confirmed to consider playground equipment for the Edward Place Playground.

PAWC10/86 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Minor Reserves – BMX Club

A letter was presented from the Paeroa BMX Club requesting assistance with the development of their facility and club.

The members considered that more information was required from the club to establish their exact requirements. It was therefore agreed that Cr Adams set up a meeting with the BMX Club to discuss details of the request.


THAT the Ward Committee supports ‘in principle’ the request from the Paeroa BMX Club on the grounds that the club provide more information to establish their exact requirements on the development of their facility.

PAWC10/87 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


PAEROA WARD ESTIMATES FOR THE ANNUAL PLAN 2011/12 (All Councillors) (673277) (27 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

A report from the Chief Executive was presented regarding proposed projects for discussion for the Annual Plan 2011/12.

The report provided the Paeroa Ward Capital Works Programme approved through the LTCCP 2011/12.


THAT the report be received.

PAWC10/88 Milner/Adams CARRIED


A list of proposed projects earmarked for inclusion in the 2011/12 year that were discussed at an informal meeting of the Ward was listed as follows:

Road at Cemetery repaired and the entry way widened.
Shift Dell Lay-by Reserve seating to the Criterion Bridge.
Cups and saucers and lighting for the Paeroa Hall. This would replace the ventilation system as a capex item.
Renew picnic table for the Dell.
$10,000 for the engineering design and costs to build Wharf Street Jetty.
No. 2 field drainage investigations are required for costs.
Lighting of the new community statues.
Signage for the Paeroa reserves.
Karangahake toilets replacement.
Footpath outside Medical Centre opposite swimming pool to be extended - District Engineer to investigate.

The meeting closed at 2.30pm.


J M Bubb


8 February 2010