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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee 


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), P A Milner and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga
Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), J McIver (Community Development Officer) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology of Crs D A Adams and J H Thorp be received and sustained.

PAWC12/48 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED 


There were no late items.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Paeroa Ward Committee held on Tuesday 15 May 2012 (as amended) are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PAWC12/49 Milner/Bubb CARRIED


Parking Management on the Road Frontage at the Criterion Dairy

It was requested that an amendment be made to resolution no. PAWC12/47 to state that a 15 minute parking restriction on the road frontage at the Criterion Dairy, Belmont Road be ‘trialled’ not ‘monitored’.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (899685, 896745, 899426, 899430, 903232, 904100, 905587, 903585) (26 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Development Officer’s monthly report was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received.

PAWC12/50 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Salvation Army Family Store [899426]

The Corps Officer has written advising that a large amount of donations that is left at their Family Store in Paeroa are not suitable for resale and has to be dumped. The cost of rubbish disposal by them has increased from $497 (2010/11), to $2,033 so far this term.

The Corps request a grant to cover the cost of the refuse fees.


THAT $300.00 be granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to the Salvation Army Family Store in support of rubbish disposal fees.

PAWC12/51 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Miller Avenue School [899430]

The Year 7/8 teacher has written advising that they have planned to take 38 students on an educational trip to Raglan by the end of May. The students will be learning about sustainability, healthy eco-systems, better waste management, organic gardening systems and other curriculum based initiatives whilst in the Raglan area.

The cost per child is $156 and whilst there has been some fundraising effort there are some families that are not able to raise the necessary amount.

The writer requests the Ward consider supporting the study week financially.


THAT $250.00 be granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to Miller Avenue School in support of their Year 7/8 educational trip to Raglan.

PAWC12/52 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Paeroa Neighbours [903232]

The Secretary for the Paeroa food bank has written requesting assistance with the costs of providing food parcels to those in need in the community.

Over the last 12 months the committee has supplied food for 767 people costing approximately $6,000.


THAT $1,000.00 is granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to the Paeroa Neighbours Group in support of providing food parcels to those in need in the community.

PAWC12/53 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Paeroa Christian School [904100]

The Principal for the school has written requesting financial support for their Year 7/8 students that will be going to Samoa this year.

The bi-annual mission trip provides opportunity for students, staff and parents to learn first-hand about life in a developing country and to help a community that was devastated by the tsunami in 2009.


THAT $250.00 is granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to the Paeroa Christian School in support of their Year 7/8 student’s trip to Samoa.

PAWC12/54 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Positive Paeroa Inc. [905587]

The town promoter has written advising the ward of the intention to construct a new sculpture for the town to be placed in the Railway Reserve. The sculpture will be a water feature that will incorporate a hand operated pump; seating and storybooks telling the history of L&P in Paeroa will complement the working water feature.

The writer requests funding for the hand pump ($395) plus cover the shortfall (of $1500) for the sculpture.


THAT $1,000.00 is granted from Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to Positive Paeroa in support of funding towards a new sculpture and water feature for Railway Reserve.

PAWC12/55 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Positive Paeroa Inc. [903585]

The Town Promoter has written seeking permission to hold a ‘yarn bombing’ or ‘knitted graffiti’ art display on the streets of Paeroa from 22nd June to 6th July 2012.

The group of ‘passionate knitters’ propose to decorate various furnishings on the main street e.g. seats, trees, poles etc with crochet and will remove them after the exhibition is completed.


THAT permission is given to Positive Paeroa to hold a yarn bombing art display on the streets of Paeroa from 22 June to 6 July 2012.

PAWC12/56 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (905032, 905686, 905684) (138 KB)
 Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PAWC12/57 Milner/Tregidga CARRIED

Centennial Park Fencing

A member requested that a gate be installed between Centennial Park and Brennan Field. The Community Services Manager is to visit the site to look for the best solution.

Paeroa Domain – Netball Lighting

Quotes have been received from two contractors including ideas to upgrade the lights at the netball courts. The change to LED lights will result in a decrease in power drain; therefore, will not require a power upgrade or extra cabling resulting in lower consumption costs and no need for extra meters.

In consideration of the proposed replacement lighting, it was requested that the Community Services Manager organise a working party to investigate what is the most appropriate lighting for ‘netball’ courts.


THAT the quotes for replacement netball lighting be received, and

THAT the Community Services Manager organise a working group to include the Ward Chairperson, Domain User Group Chairperson, Paeroa Netball representatives and Community Services staff to look at the most appropriate lighting for the netball courts.

PAWC12/58 Tregidga/Bubb CARRIED

Paeroa Domain – Croquet Club

Several Croquet Club members met with the Mayor and Parks and Reserves Manager to discuss issues they were experiencing. These included a growth in membership, an aged membership and a lack of fit members to carry out maintenance such as spraying and green renovations.

It was suggested that the spraying could be carried out to the croquet greens with the motorbike spray unit when Council staff are spraying the Domain field. It was also supported that the Periodic Detention workers be utilised to carry out soil spreading for the renovations of the greens.


THAT the spraying of the croquet greens be worked in with other Council spraying in the Domain, and

THAT the Periodic Detention workers be utilised for other manual work as required.

PAWC12/59 Tregidga/Milner CARRIED

Swimming Pool

The Community Services Manager advised that the Pool Supervisor will be putting a report together in July which will provide an overview of the operational and logistical aspects of each of the district pools.

Hauraki Herald District Office – Paeroa

Following information received that the Hauraki Herald Office presently located in Paeroa may be closing, the members voiced their opposition to this news stating that as 2012 ‘Community of the Year’ Paeroa would be ‘gutted’ to lose the office from the town and in doing so would lose the threads of the community.


THAT it would be a disservice to the Paeroa community if the Hauraki Herald office closed in Paeroa.

PAWC12/60 Bubb/Milner CARRIED

The meeting closed at 1.20pm.



J M Bubb


10 July 2012