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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee 


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), D A Adams, P A Milner, J Thorp and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager), G Thomsen (Roading Manager), Ms T Nevin (Strategic Planner) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


There were no late items.


NZ Police Officer Phil Caldwell was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

The following points were noted:

  • Youth nuisance offending and some theft affecting shop keepers in the Main Street are making the retail community uneasy.

  • Youth congregating at Skate Park and Domain causing some vandalism and nuisance.

  • Anti social behaviour at the public library.

  • Police will be more visible on the street now following recent 3 week spike of problems.

  • Police Officer Caldwell suggested that a notice be put in the local newspaper to bring parents attention to issues of poor youth behaviour in the town and also that police visibility will be increased because of these recent issues.

  • Skate Park – Police support signage regarding rules of use at the park and having a graffiti artist come and paint murals on the hard surfaces of the park.

  • Police Officer Caldwell advised of the change to the Police Call Centre on 8th October. All calls go through to Hamilton and are referred back to area Police Stations. All emergency calls and reporting are all to go through 111.

  • The Community Services Manager suggested a monthly meeting be set up with police and Community Services staff to touch base and identify issues which need follow up. It would be of benefit that the notes taken from these meetings be reported back to the Ward.

Request for Financial Assistance [CDV-30-100]

Hauraki Waka Ama [962069, 947761, 947774]

Representatives of the Hauraki Waka Ama group, Larn Wilkinson, Zoe Poutama and Clark Koopu were in attendance to provide presentation in support of their request for funding seeking assistance in establishing and purchasing resources for the recently formed incorporated society.

Larn explained that Waka Ama (or outrigger canoe) racing has become a popular sport with a number of marae, schools, universities, and communities establishing clubs that compete nationally and in countries such as Australia, the Pacific Islands, USA (Hawaii) and Canada to name a few. The 2014 Waka Ama world championships will be held in Brazil. Waka Ama is included in the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast Australia.

The Hauraki Waka Ama club is committed to creating a whanau environment that encourages healthy lifestyle practices and is open to all who wish to participate. The club has 28 students (tauira) that have completed a level 4 waka ama course with Te Waananga o Aotearoa – the course covers water safety and water based activities involving groups.

The group provided a budget that identifies the costs needed to equip the club and participants.


THAT the correspondence from the Hauraki Waka Ama group be received, and

THAT $540.00 is granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to the Hauraki Waka Ama Group to assist the group in purchasing floatation devices.

PAWC12/85 Adams/Milner CARRIED




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Paeroa Ward Committee held on Tuesday 11 September 2012 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PAWC12/86 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


Netherton School Request to pipe Council Drain on School Road, Netherton (938480)

The members were advised that this request has been referred to the Western Plains District Drainage Committee.

Historic Maritime Park – Request for Donation of ex Streetscape Cobblestones

Staff advised that the cobblestones have been utilised by the park.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (947818) (23 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Development Officer’s monthly report is attached for the Committee’s consideration.

Request for Financial Assistance [CDV-30-100]

Paeroa Basketball Association [956395]

The Treasurer for the association has written seeking assistance for one of their young members – Ruby Hodgson - that has been selected by Basketball Pacific to attend the Great Murray River Jamboree for U12 basketball players in Albury NSW Australia during November 2012. Ruby is one of five representatives from the Thames Valley that will attend the jamboree.

The writer advises that the total cost for the tour is $1,650 with the association fundraising towards Ruby’s costs. Any assistance would be gratefully accepted.


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received, and

THAT the correspondence from the Paeroa Basketball Association be received, and

THAT $165.00 is granted from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund to Ruby Hodgson of the Paeroa Basketball Association in support of her attendance at the Under 12 basketball player’s competition in Australia in November 2012.

PAWC12/87 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

It was noted that the Mayor will consider a contribution from the Mayoral Fund.

COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (944639, 961611 and 962377) (150 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the report be received.

PAWC12/88 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Annual Plan Projects 2012-13

The Community Services Manager advised that the annual projects for 2012/13 will be visited when the bus tour of the Ward is undertaken in November.

Suggested sites requested to be visited:

  • Karangahake Public Toilets

  • Paeroa Domain Toilet Renovations

Paeroa Domain – Irrigation Tanks

Staff advised that the tanks in the Domain have been constantly vandalised by children jumping on the top of the tanks and denting them down. Climbing roses have been ordered to be planted around each tank in an endeavour to stop this vandalism.

Installation of Main Street Flags

An arborist has been contracted to use his cherry picker to install the main street flags.

Paeroa Domain – No. 2 Field Drainage

Council’s contractor has inspected the existing drainage pipes at Paeroa Domain, with the intention to include the new drainage from No. 2 field to this system that is presently used by the No1 field. Unfortunately, after this investigation staff has determined this is not possible requiring an additional collection pipe that will connect directly to the stormwater line to be installed to allow this work to proceed. This will be at an additional cost of $9,400 to this project. A request is made to the Ward Committee seeking direction on the funding of the additional $9,400 to complete this capital works.

Cr Adams asked that consideration be given to seeking financial assistance from the Thames Valley Rugby Union towards the cost of the drainage of $9,400 as they utilise the field on a regular basis and have not contributed to the upkeep of the field.


THAT staff organise a meeting with the Neil Olsen of the Thames Valley Rugby Union (TVRU), Community Services Manager and Ward members to discuss this option of seeking funding from the club towards the drainage work required to the No. 2 field.

PAWC12/89 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Paeroa Pool – Opening Dates

Council’s decision to reduce the pools operating budget, in particular the heating costs, has resulted in a reduction of the swim season of four weeks. Council’s direction was to consult with the Schools and Swim Clubs in the Ward to get their feedback on when the reduction of 4 weeks should take place.

The Parks and Reserves Manager sent out a letter to last year’s main users requesting when their preference of the reduction in time would best suited them. The most preferred option was the reduction of one week at the start of the season and three weeks at season’s end. This year the pool would open on the 10th of November 2012 and close on the 10th of March 2013.


THAT the Paeroa pool be open and heated for the public from the 10th November 2012 to 10th March 2013.

PAWC12/90 Adams/Milner CARRIED

Station Road - Walkway Closure (961611)

A request has been received to close the walkway from Station Road through to the West Rugby Club rooms. This has been a concern for adjoining residents for some time since a section of the walkway ground has subsided or slipped into the drain, making the walkway impassable without temporarily entering adjoining private property to avoid the slip. Residents have raised this to the Ward due to the disturbance that this is causing.


THAT the walkway from Station Road through to the West Rugby Club rooms be closed.

PAWC12/91 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

September Inspection of Hauraki Rail Trail from Taylors Ave to Criterion Bridge (962377)

In early September Community Services Staff and Councillors walked the Hauraki Rail Trail from Taylors Ave to the Criterion Bridge with the intention to identify support functions that will support the business community and the users of the trail.

Primarily, what the group identified was; signage, bike racks and amenity identification. Additionally there were a number of features that Councillors felt would bring value to the trail and Town.

The Community Services Manager presented a schedule showing contractors estimates for additional amenity for the rail trail route through the CBD. It was advised that all these items are unbudgeted.

It was agreed that this matter be considered at a workshop when undertaking the bus tour of the Ward.


The Operations Manager, Assets reported for the Ward’s consideration a proposal to remove gum and apply a restorative coating to the Paeroa streetscape.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Ward Committee approves the proposal with regards to the removal of gum and the application of restorative coating, and

THAT the remaining sections of the Paeroa streetscape have the gum removed and that the cost for this additional service is reported back to the Ward Committee.

PAWC12/92 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Railway Reserve Skatepark, Professional Graffiti work

Representatives from the Police, Councillors and Parks & Reserves Manager met with users of the Skatepark to discuss issues that were happening down at the park. The result of this meeting has been that the Police have helped Council staff find a professional street artist to carry out some paint work. Additionally a leader from the user group was selected that will represent users of the park and provide a point of contact for staff for any future matters.

Overall this was a productive meeting with the Police also becoming more involved; staff will be in contact with Councillors once the professional artist has been contacted and a meeting has been set.

The members questioned whether the CCTV cameras that were vandalised should be replaced at the skate park. Crs Milner, Bubb and Thorp believed the CCTV cameras should not be reinstalled due to the Police comments that they encourage vandalism. Youth have an attitude that if they are being watched they will abuse the cameras.

Noted: Cr Adams disagreed with this decision as he believed cameras are important means of surveillance at the park.

Scout Hall Parking Meeting

Staff has been contacted from a Scout Hall Committee representative who has advised that the Hall users have requested a slight variation to the original parking and pavement plan. Councilors have been advised with regards to this with C&M pricing this work presently. Once the project has been scoped including the variation that the Hall committee requested, staff, Councilors and Hall Committee users can meet onsite to ensure that the suggested works will provide the most benefit to the Hall users.

Paeroa Domain Entranceway Lights

Circa 2010 the entrance lights to the Paeroa Domain were disconnected as part of an audit that identified additional street appliances that were connected to the street lighting network. Since then, these lights have not been reconnected.

Staff are continuing to seek the best outcome with regards to this and have requested a quotation for the reconnection of the lights to the Domain power supply and an annual cost to light the entranceway. This could potentially be completed with the upgrade of the power circuit to the Domain that shall be competed in this financial years capital work.

Rugby League/Rugby Union Meeting

Community Services Manager is facilitating this meeting, and will be held in the coming month.

Ward Tour

The Community Services Manager would like to plan a tour of the Paeroa Ward with the Ward members and relevant staff.

The purpose of the tour is to look at projects that are due to be started within the next 12 months, matters that Councilors’ wish to highlight to staff and matters that staff would like to get direction on from the Ward members.

It was agreed that a tour be undertaken on Wednesday, 7th November commencing at 7.30am until approx. 12.30pm.

Suggested sites to visit:

  • Primrose Hill

  • Neill Street Traffic

  • Hauraki Rail Trail Signage

  • Dell Reserve

Primrose Hill Reserve (921872, 935892)

Council has recently received two letters in regards to further development ideas for Primrose Hill Reserve. The Community Services Manager would like to discuss with the Ward members possible options for responding to these requests.

The Community Services Manager suggested a concept plan be drawn up and put out for public consultation to allow feedback to be received on the plan. An approximate cost for investigations is $3,000-$4,000. It was suggested that the consultation be combined with the Hutchinson Reserve proposed concept plan.

Community meetings members have attended:


Age wise

Positive Aging

AGM – Positive Paeroa


ROADING REPORT (CR HARRIS) (961589, 962481) (114 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Roading Manager reported on the final design and preferred option for the Mackay Street parking project.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Paeroa Ward Committee confirms the preferred option for the Mackay Street parking project will include a loading zone that is 12.5m in length to accommodate larger vehicles such as trucks and camper vans.

PAWC12/93 Tregidga/Thorp CARRIED



The Ward estimates for consideration of the 2013/14 Annual Plan were circulated prior to the meeting.


THAT the report on the draft estimates be received.

PAWC12/94 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

The estimates were considered with the attendance of the Strategic Planner.

Positive Paeroa funding – some additional funding was provided for additional projects. If these projects have not taken place, then payments should be held as the money is not being used for what it was granted for.
Leaches Field – change to 12 mows per year. Staff were asked to investigate the viability of harvesting hay and silage over the summer months to offset mowing costs
Stormwater – Staff were asked if there is an annual provision or contingency to fund for weather events

The meeting closed at 2.30pm.



J M Bubb


13 November 2012