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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee 


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), D A Adams, P A Milner, J Thorp and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga (1.30pm – 2.20pm)

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), G Thomsen (Roading Manager), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), C Hale (Economic Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services - Operations Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology of His Worship the Mayor for lateness be received and sustained.

PAWC13/17 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


There were no late items.


Chris Hale, Economic Development Officer spoke on Councils Economic Development Strategic Direction and presented

(doc. #1037900) "Five Pillars of Economic Development" (29 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

Cr Adams (Economic Development Portfolio Holder) spoke on the need for Council to work with people wanting to establish businesses in the district particularly around issues of regulatory control.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Paeroa Ward Committee held on Tuesday 12 March 2013 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PAWC13/18 Thorp/Milner CARRIED


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (1040716, 1030732, 1042815, 1043440, 1043969, 1038679) (950 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Development Officer’s monthly report was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


Royal NZ Plunket Society Ohinemuri Branch Inc. [1030732]

The Branch Treasurer of the Plunket Society writes asking for financial assistance towards the rates on their Wharf Street property. Their current annual rates are $1,708.48.

Kowhai Villas [1042815]

The writer advises that they propose to plant natives on a strip of land between Kowhai Villas and an open drain adjacent to the Hauraki Rail Trail’s northern entrance to Paeroa. This has arisen out of concerns of the residents that back onto the trail for the weeds that prevail during periods of high growth.

Paeroa Lions club will provide the manpower to plant the strip with the residents maintaining the area during its establishment. The residents have costed the plants from Te Whangai Trust - $2,272.23 (GST inclusive) for approximately 573 plants. A list of the plants was attached.

The writer asks that Council provide financial assistance to purchase the plants.

Historical Maritime Park Inc [1043440]

The Chairman for the society writes seeking financial assistance to cover the cost of submitting funding applications for developing a 10 year business plan. The plan will assist them in applying for funds from philanthropic trusts.

The cost to develop the plan is estimated to be no more than $800.00.

NZ Universities and Tertiary Student Rugby League Council [1043969]

The Manager for the Rugby League Council writes seeking financial support for Mosese Tuivaovao to attend the Students Rugby League World Cup Tournament in Leeds England from 2 – 14 July 2013.

Mosese has been studying for a Diploma in Personal Training as well as working limited hours and fundraising for this tournament.

Railway Reserve Security Lighting Project

Following on from last month’s report on the installation and commissioning of the reserve’s lights the accounts for the project are coming in with total cost exceeding the estimated expenditure of $10,000. The extra costs have been incurred through the additional groundwork and plant installation expenditure.

The members were asked to consider a contribution of funding towards this project.


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received, and

THAT the correspondence from Royal NZ Plunket Society Ohinemuri Branch Inc, Kowhai Villas, Historical Maritime Park Inc. NZ Universities and Tertiary Student Rugby League Council, and Aspiring Leaders Forum be received, and

THAT $600.00 is granted to the royal NZ Plunket Society Ohinemuri Branch Inc. in support of rates from the Ward Discretionary Fund.

PAWC13/19 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


THAT the Ward Chair and Community Services Manager meet with the Kowhai Villas representatives to discuss the redesigning of the project.

PAWC13/20 Milner/Adams CARRIED


THAT the Ward supports the Historical Maritime Park Inc. Project ‘in principle’, and

THAT it be recommended to Council that a contribution of up to $800.00 is granted from the Economic Development budget towards the cost of submitting funding applications for the development of a 10 year business plan.

PAWC13/21 Adams/Milner CARRIED


THAT the request from the NZ Universities and Tertiary Student Rugby League Council be declined.

PAWC13/22 Milner/Adams CARRIED


THAT a grant of up to $10,000.00 is contributed from the Community Facilities Recreation Development Fund to cover the Railway Reserve Security Lighting Project

PAWC13/23 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Aspiring Leaders Forum [1038679]

The Mayor has received a letter from the Aspiring Leaders Forum Trust seeking nominations for their 8th annual forum to be held in Wellington on 4-7 July 2013. The forum is for young people aged between 18 and 26 who exhibit leadership potential in their sphere of influence.

The members were asked to consider young people in their communities that could be considered for nomination to attend the forum.

COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (1044039) (152 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PAWC13/24 Adams/Milner CARRIED

The Mayor attended the meeting at 1.30pm.

Cenotaph Lighting

A member requested that staff check the coloured lighting at the cenotaph which appears to be changing at a faster rate than normal.

CBD Rail Trail Improvements – Bike Racks

The Operations Manager spoke on bike rack design options that are being considered for installation in the CBD in support of the Hauraki Rail Trail as a result of improvements identified at the February meeting of the Ward.

A number of possible locations where the rack could be installed were suggested. It was agreed that the bike racks need to be placed close to eating establishments. Cr Bubb offered to speak with cafe owners to seek a contribution from them towards the racks.

To progress a decision on the most appropriate bike rack design and their locations it was requested that the Operations Manager investigates options further and brings a report back to the Ward in May.


THAT staff investigates options of bike rack design suitable for locations within the Paeroa CBD and reports this information back to the Ward in May.

PAWC13/25 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

Plinth for Water Feature Sculpture- Railway Reserve

Staff advised that this project is in progress. Presently, finalising a date to meet with Construction and Maintenance Unit staff to arrange positioning of the sculpture.


ROADING REPORT MARCH 2013 (CR HARRIS) (1043648,1033302) (23 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Roading Manager has reported on roading issues in the Paeroa Ward for the consideration of the Committee.


THAT the report be received.

PAWC13/26 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

Resurfacing of Concrete Cobbles in the Paeroa Main Street

The Streetscape concrete cobbles between the Tui Café and the Memorial Hall are planned to have some "heavy maintenance" which will include the removal of chewing gum, food stains, oil and moss over a number of areas totally approximately 1870m2. At the end of cleaning and sanding the pavers, it is proposed to reseal the surface with a clear coating. The resealing work should improve the efficiency of the cleaning operation and preserve the appearance of the surface.

This particular part of the operation is a Footpath Renewal and as such needs to be funded from the Roading Capital Budget. This budget will need to have project/projects deferred to allow for the additional work to be undertaken. The resealing will provide efficiencies in maintenance operations and improved aesthetics but does not present a hazard to the public if the project is delayed until the next financial year.


THAT the resealing of the main street concrete cobbles be deferred until the next financial year for further consideration.

PAWC13/27 Thorp/Milner CARRIED

Speed Limit Bylaw

The Roading Manager provided a report and presented the Statement of Proposal on the Speed Limit Bylaw for the Ward Committee’s consideration. The Council is proposing the various changes set out in the Speed Limit Bylaw SoP.

The members were invited to review the document and determine if they wished to make a submission on any changes to the bylaw during the consultation period. Maps showing the current speed limits within the roading network in each township of the Plains Ward were presented.

Paeroa Township

A member requested that a threshold sign be erected on the SH2 southern entrance to Paeroa at 50km speed limit.

There were no other changes suggested to the bylaw affecting other areas within the Paeroa Ward.


THAT the Ward Committee reviews the Speed Limit Bylaw Statement of Proposal, and

THAT a request be made to NZTA that a speed limit threshold sign be erected on the SH2, a NZTA controlled road, at the southern entrance to Paeroa at the existing location of the 50km speed limit.

PAWC13/28 Tregidga/Thorp CARRIED

The meeting closed at 2.20pm.



J M Bubb


14 May 2013