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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), D A Adams, P A Milner, J Thorp and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga (from 1.05pm)

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology for lateness of His Worship the Mayor, J P Tregidga be received and sustained.

PAWC14/35 Bubb/Adams CARRIED


There were no late items.

Presentation – Positive Paeroa

Positive Paeroa - Town Promoter Jo Tilsley and Chairperson Brian Smith were in attendance and provided a detailed report updating the Ward members on the operation and activities of Positive Paeroa.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Paeroa Ward Committee held on Tuesday 13 May 2014 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PAWC14/36 Thorp/Milner CARRIED


Paeroa Stop Bank – Request for Rubbish Bins

Cr Bubb advised she had spoken with the group requesting that Council fund additional rubbish bins along the Paeroa stop bank due to an increase in the amount of litter there. She advised them that Council does not support the installation of additional bins but will provide them with rubbish bags in which to collect litter. The Parks and Reserves Manager has organised the rubbish bags.


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (1216639, 1215539, 1215670, 1215776) (147 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

THAT the correspondence from the Paeroa Lions Club and Simply Red Marching Team be received.

PAWC14/37 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Paeroa Lions Club (1215539)

The convener for the club has written seeking financial assistance for a project within the Hutchinson Reserve.

The club has been spraying the gorse and blackberry for the last two years and would like to spray the toetoe and plant native trees. This is estimated to cost $300.00.


THAT $300.00 is granted to the Paeroa Lions Club from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund in support for the spraying of pampas grass and planting of native trees at Hutchinson Reserve.

PAWC14/38 Milner/Adams CARRIED

Paeroa Lions Club (1215539)

The secretary for the club has written seeking financial assistance of $1,000 for the annual fireworks display.

Forty (40) club members will be donating their time planning, managing and operating the 21st display which provides good inexpensive entertainment for families.


THAT $500.00 is granted to the Paeroa Lions Club from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund for their annual fireworks display.

PAWC14/39 Adams/Milner CARRIED

Simply Red Marching Team (1215776)

The coach for the non-profit leisure marching team has written seeking financial assistance for the purchase of new uniforms.

The club has a membership of 10 marchers and each uniform is estimated to cost $300.


THAT the request is declined and the group be advised of the decision.

PAWC14/40 Adams/Thorp CARRIED

Future Invited Speakers

Paeroa Maritime Museum – Gloria James

Paeroa Information Centre - Margarete Ford

Paeroa Funded Projects

Karangahake Area Development

The members were advised that the concept designs for the Karangahake area have been received from the landscape designers.

The members agreed to view the concept plans at the close of the Ward meeting.

Paeroa Ward Community Facilities and Recreational Development Fund Projects

The completion of the Hauraki Rail Trail (HRT) through Paeroa highlighted a number of improvements that the Ward Committee decided to prioritise and fund through the Community Facilities Recreation Development Fund. The status of these projects was presented for the member’s information.

Ward Consultation (actions)

The Community Services Manager summarised the actions taken from the Paeroa Ward Workshop and Tour undertaken on the 20 February 2014.


SUMMARY OF PLAINS WARD LTP PRE-CONSULTATION – 2015-25 (1125810) (28 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Strategic Planner reported on the key points discussed at the Paeroa Ward Long Term Plan LTP pre-consultation meetings.

The Mayor left the meeting at 1.30pm

Members were asked to review the summary of key points provided within the report and provide direction on which ones they wanted progressed within the 2014/15 year and which ones required further investigation in the Draft Long Term Plan.

The members communicated to staff the issues they considered to be a priority for their local communities, and should therefore be actioned in either the short or longer term.


Paeroa Ward

Short-term Matters/Issues/Proposals


  • Communication – newspapers not hitting the mark, and Coromandel FM is the most listened to radio station.
  • Update on the progress of the communications review – Chief Executive
  • Paeroa Memorial Hall – improve the acoustics of the hall, attendees could not hear anything at the Anzac service (up the hill either). The Mayor noted this would be fixed for next Anzac day.
  • Improve speakers up the hill for that service, and increase/change the number of speakers in the hall (review all of the sound system) – Community Services Manager
  • Suggested that the HRT signage on Taylors Ave be moved to somewhere more visible as is currently in a strange location where it cannot be seen clearly.
  • Community Services Manager
  • Primrose Hill – Ward to consider signage for the promotion of Primrose Hill, Domain and Mackaytown.
  • Community Services Manager
  • Improved lighting should be a priority in the railway tunnel.
  • Provide feedback to DoC – Community Services Manager
  • HRT to encourage the use of bells.
  • Feedback to HRT for App – Community Services Manager
  • No cycling should be allowed to Waitawheta as this is too dangerous.
  • Feedback to HRT – Community Services Manager
  • Council contact Opus regarding metal piles and parking area at Doherty’s Creek swimming hole.
  • District Engineer talk to Opus or NZTA and then write back to residents.
  • Resurrect signage for Hughenden Street parking in Paeroa.
  • District Engineer

Hauraki Long Term Plan Matters

  • Post Office building – preserve as a heritage building.
  • Community Services Manager
  • Willoughby Street, Paeroa – road needs widening from the church to Lynch and Partners.
  • Both the above, undertake a feasibility study $20,000 – District Engineer
  • Main Street bypass – via Willoughby Street.
  • Wharf Street development – link in with the post office area, and develop Wharf Street to become an area that encourages people to spend time (i.e. eat lunch, events etc). The Wharf Street area could also be a starting point for the cycleway. This could also tie in with bringing Maritime Park into town.
  • Both of the above, Wharf Street higher priority than Mackay Street. – Community Services Manager
  • Mackay Street – develop further to become pedestrian friendly, with the possibility of closing off for markets and other local events.
  • Paeroa Domain Trees – place signs on trees of significant amenity value (what they are and why planted).
  • Consider, or include on App. – Community Services Manager
  • HRT user pays – it was suggested that donations be collected on the HRT to go towards the funding of the Trail and also set up a ‘friends of the Rail Trail’ where donations can be made.
  • Make option available via App. – Community Services Manager
  • Expansion of the Karangahake Reserve, including additional parking (plus the development of the Karangahake Hall site), review of signage. Perhaps buses are directed to the Reserve and cars are directed over the bridge to park. Landscape overflow parking was discussed. Cornes paddock was suggested for additional parking (with walkways and picnic areas). Mayor noted that this should be considered for the first three years of the LTP.
  • Community Services Manager
  • Seal the track in the tunnel and have a centre line down the middle.
  • Request of DoC as well as fixing lighting – Community Services Manager
  • Criterion Bridge – installation of a roundabout would improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Communicate to NZTA – District Engineer


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Paeroa Ward Committee establish actions to be taken from the summary list of points within the report which were raised at the LTP pre-consultation meetings.

PAWC14/42 Thorp/Adams CARRIED


The meeting closed at 2.20pm.




J M Bubb


15 July 2014