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Hauraki District Council
Paeroa Ward Committee


Crs J M Bubb (Chairperson), D A Adams, P A Milner, J Thorp and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga (from 12.45pm)
Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology for lateness of His Worship the Mayor be received and sustained.

PAWC14/24 Thorp/Milner CARRIED


Pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Chairperson called for late items to be accepted.


THAT pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the following late items be accepted for discussion.

- Request for Financial Assistance: Paeroa Neighbours

The item was not on the agenda because the item was unavailable at the time of the agenda deadline.

Discussion on the item could not be delayed because the matter required the consideration of the Ward Committee before the next meeting.

PAWC14/25 Milner/Adams CARRIED





THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Paeroa Ward Committee held on Tuesday 15 April 2014 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PAWC14/26 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


Community Constable Esau Uiese was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

Key points:

  • Cycle trail is working well.
  • Police have commenced new initiative of cycling around community as an alternative form of transport and surveillance – feedback from the community has been excellent.
  • Petty crime – theft and graffiti is ongoing and has been more significant over holiday period. This has reduced since school term has commenced.
  • Police in Paeroa are working with Councils Community Services staff and using PD workers
  • Hauraki Policing District has the highest rate of prosecutions in the eastern policing area.
    Substance abuse – there was very few outlets selling legal highs before legislation went through. Police are doing checks that ensure no retailers are selling these products.
  • Victim support – in response to a question Police advised that the Waihi Victim Support group works in the Paeroa area. They are a very supportive group. Police commend the work they do.
  • Crime prevention measures - Police suggested that improved lighting of areas does help prevent crime. There was a suggestion that better lighting is needed beside the Mormon Church and on Tower Street where it connects with Station Road and a number of other locations around the town would be of benefit.

The Mayor attended the meeting at 12.45am.



COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (1196026 (191 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document, 1208159 (38 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document, 1185992 (3.87 MB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document, 1196518 (264 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document, 1202613 (191 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document)

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received, and

THAT the correspondence from the Historical Maritime Park Inc., Victim Support and Karangahake Hall Market be received.

PAWC14/27 Thorp/Milner CARRIED


Historical Maritime Park Inc. (1208159)

The chairman for the society has written seeking financial assistance for repairs and improvements to the museum entrance.

Estimated costs for native plants, wheelchair access hand rail and maintenance of ships mast amounts to a total of $1,700.00.


THAT $1,000.00 is granted to Historical Maritime Park Inc. from Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund

PAWC14/28 Milner/Thorp CARRIED

Victim Support (1185992)

The Hauraki Service Coordinator had written to the Waihi Ward Committee seeking $1860.00 towards the costs of volunteer expenses, specialist training and resources.

Victim Support volunteers provide support and front line services to people affected by crime and trauma. This service is available 24/7 at no cost and is managed by a local service coordinator who recruits, trains and manages a team of skilled and trained volunteers. Victim Support also provides services in the Paeroa area.

The Waihi Ward Committee resolved to grant $500 from their discretionary budget to this organisation and recommended that the Paeroa Ward be approached to match this funding.


THAT $500.00 is granted to Victim Support from Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund in support of training sessions.

PAWC14/29 Milner/Adams CARRIED


Paeroa Neighbours (1209971)

A letter was tabled from the Paeroa Neighbours Group Food Bank and Furniture Bank seeking funding assistance to help with the continuing service they provide to the community.


THAT $1,000.00 is granted to Paeroa Neighbours from the Paeroa Ward Discretionary Fund in support of providing assistance to the community by way of their Food and Furniture Bank.

PAWC14/30 Thorp/Bubb CARRIED

Karangahake Hall Market

A letter was presented from the organiser of the Karangahake Hall Market providing an update on the operation of the market for the information of the Committee.

River Road Karangahake – Mowing of Section of Ohinemuri Riverbank

Staff has been approached by a resident of River Road, Karangahake who has requested that Council mow a section of the Ohinemuri Riverbank in front of his home. The resident has been mowing this area in front of his home to a high standard for a number of years out of community pride and satisfaction. The resident is now no longer unable to continue to mow this area, and requests that Council maintains this section of riverbank to the same level of service that he has provided for many years

The cost to have Council mow this (316M2) area is $72.00 per cut. To service this area once a month would have an annual charge of $865.00. Presently this is unbudgeted, but could be included in the Paeroa urban roadside mowing budget.


THAT the Paeroa Ward Committee declines the request from a resident of River Road, Karangahake for Council to mow a section of the Ohinemuri Riverbank in front of their property, and

THAT the resident be advised that the area will receive the same mowing regime as other district roadsides.

PAWC14/31 Adams/Thorp CARRIED 

Mackaytown Reserve – Rubbish Bin

The rubbish bin was removed from the Mackaytown Reserve recently due to it being abused and filled with fish remains and household rubbish. A local resident who keeps this area clean has contacted staff requesting the bin be replaced because of the rubbish being left down by the river that he cleans up and places in the bin.

Staff acknowledges that the resident does a great job in keeping the area clean. However this bin attracts the dumping of household rubbish due to its remote location.

The Parks and Reserves Manager has given the resident some prepaid rubbish bags to get rid of the rubbish until the Ward Committee considers whether or not a rubbish bin is installed.


THAT the Paeroa Ward Committee declines installing a rubbish bin at the Mackaytown Reserve but acknowledges the work the resident does and agrees to provide adequate rubbish bags to keep the area clean.

PAWC14/32 Thorp/Adams CARRIED

Paeroa Stop Bank – Rubbish Bins

Council has received a request from a community group that is requesting that Council fund additional bins along the cycleway. The group wishes to put community minded messages on the bins and is willing to run a competition for these slogans.

In consideration of this request; Council is presently rationalising bins and the servicing of them across the district along with other initiatives where local businesses take a greater ownership of litter that is generated by them. Additional bins may not provide the solution that the group seeks.


THAT the request for additional bins be declined, and

THAT the Chairperson of the Ward Committee meets with the community group to discuss how Council and the group can work together to reach a satisfactory outcome.

PAWC14/33 Milner/Thorp CARRIED


PAEROA WARD ROADING REPORT – MAY 2014 (1208669, 2014326) (18 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The District Engineer and Roading Manager reported on roading matters in the Paeroa Ward for consideration.

Reconstruction of the Ohinemuri Club Entrance

The entrance to the Ohinemuri club from Princess Street is close to the Telecom entrance to the north of this property which is programmed for reconstruction. It would desirable to have both entrances reconstructed at the same time and a quotation has been obtained on this basis. Staff has informed Telecom that the work can be arranged and managed by Council but with each party meeting its own share of construction costs.

The Ward Committee was asked to consider whether the Ohinemuri Club was fulfilling a community and social function which is deserving of Ward assistance in improving the entrance from Princes Street. The estimated cost of this work is $2,500. Funds are available from the approximately $28,000 remaining unexpended on the Ward budget.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Paeroa Ward approves reconstruction of the Ohinemuri Club entrance on Princess Street at the estimated cost of $2,500 funded from savings in the Capital Work Programme.

PAWC14/34 Thorp/Adams CARRIED

Updates for Community Meetings/Events

The Chairperson thanked all the Ward members for their participation in the Anzac Day commemoration services and the Long Term Plan pre-consultation meetings.

The meeting closed at 1.32pm.



J M Bubb


10 June 2014