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A person appointed as MANAGER of a alcohol outlet, e.g. hotel, tavern, wine shop or club MUST hold a Manager's Certificate.

A Manager must be on duty at all times and responsible for compliance unless the requirement to do so is exempt under the Act or a condition of licence.

Application and Cost

The application shall be made on the prescribed Application for General Managers Certificate - Form 17 [PDF, 160 KB] pdf.gif available on line or from the Hauraki District Council office and must be accompanied with the appropriate fee. Managers are required to hold a prescribed qualification. See the Licence Controller Qualification website

Alcohol Licensing Fees

View the Alcohol Licensing Fees.

Do I Need to Give Extra Information

YES! The Agency and Police will consider:

  • Your suitability.
  • Your experience in managing a licensed premises.
  • Any convictions you have had.
  • Any training in the alcohol industry.
When Will My Certificate Expire?

Holders of a Manager's Certificate must keep an eye on their expiry date and make sure to lodge their application for renewal at least 20 working days before the certificate expires, on the prescribed Renewal of General Manager's Certificate - Form 19 [PDF, 159 KB] pdf.gif

Temporary manager

Where a manager is ill or absent a person can be appointed as a temporary manager for a maximum period of 48 hours without having to, within 2 working days, apply for a managers certificate or cease to act as a temporary manager.

Acting manager

A licensee may appoint an acting manager for a period of 3 weeks at any one time where the manager is unwell or for 6 weeks in any period of 12 months where the manager is on annual leave. An acting manager is not required to apply for a managers certificate.

A licensee is not required to advise of the appointment of a temporary or acting manager where the period of appointment will not exceed 48 hours. The licensing committee may within 5 working days of such advice not approve of the appointment and the licensee must terminate that appointment.

Change of Manager

Notice of a change of management must be given to the Alcohol licensing committee within 48 hours of appointment or termination, on the prescribed form, Notice of Management Change [PDF, 89 KB] pdf.gif.