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All dogs 3 months and older must be registered

Dog registration is annual and must be renewed before 31 July every year or penalties will be charged.  You may be eligible for a Responsible Owner Licence but your dog must be registered before the due date. Failure to register your dog by 31 July of any year will disqualify your ROL.

Note: Trained Dogs used by the Visually and Hearing Impaired, Police and Army must also be registered, however registration for these dogs is free. 

If your dog is unregistered, you may be fined up to $300 and/or your dog may be impounded. Border collie

All about Dog Registration

Dog Control Policy and Bylaw

Hauraki District Council's Dog Control Policy and bylaws aim to promote the control of dogs and responsible dog ownership.

Two Dogs to a Section

Only two dogs are allowed on a section in an urban area. If an owner wishes to have more, they will need to apply to the Council for Dispensation.

How to Register your dog 

If you’re registering for the first time...

Visit one of our service centres, or download a registration form [PDF, 248 KB] PDF document, complete it and get it back to us for processing. We'll let you know the cost and how you can make your payment.

If your dog has previously been registered with us...

We’ll send you a registration form in the post.

  1. If your details on the form are correct, simply date and sign it, pay the amount owing (payment options and instructions are on the reverse of the form) and then return the form to us.
  2. If you need to make any changes to the form – give us call. We’ll
    update the information and send you a new registration form
    so you can pay the correct fee (see below for the 2021/22 dog
    registration fees). Note: We require a copy of your de-sexing
    and/or microchipping veterinary certificate with your application
  3. Once we have accepted your completed application form and
    payment, it will be processed and new registration tag(s) issued
    over the counter at our office or sent to you by post.

Registration Fees

Dog registration fees cover one year from 1 July until 30 June. The following fees apply from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Dog Owner Classification Registration Fee (incl GST) Fee If Paid After 31 July
General Dog   
Entire $115.00 $172.50
Desexed (Vet Certificate required) $85.00 $127.50
Dogs in excess of three (3) $40.00 $60.00
Responsible Owner Licence (ROL) Dog*
Entire $70.00 $172.50
Desexed (Vet Certificate required) $55.00 $127.50
Dangerous Dog
Entire - 150% of general fee $172.50 $258.75
Desexed (Vet Certificate required) - 150% of general fee $135.00 $202.50

* Responsible Owner Licences (ROL) applications are accepted from 1 June 2022 to 15 July 2022.
Failure to register your dog by 31 July of any year will disqualify your ROL.


Hauraki District Council accepts Cash, EFTPOS and Online Credit Card payments.

Impounding Fees
Item Fee
First impounding $70.00
Second impounding $100.00
Third impounding $160.00
Sustenance Fee (additional charge) $12.00
per day
Microchipping fee to be paid for unregistered dogs before release from the pound $30.00
Other Fees
Miscellaneous Fee
Consent to keep more than two dogs in an urban area** $52.00
Responsible Owner Licence (ROL) application fee $32.00
Property inspection fee  $25.00
Replacement dog registration tag (for lost or damaged tags) $5.00
** Refer to the Hauraki District Council Dog Control Bylaw  for more information.

Paying dog registration 

Paying at the counter

You can pay by Eftpos, credit card* or cash at the following Council offices during normal working hours which are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm

Paeroa Office
William Street

Plains Office
84 Orchard Road

Waihi office
40 Rosemont Road

Online electronic/internet payment

If you have any CHANGES to make to your existing dogs or you have a NEW dog to register, please contact Council first before making an electronic payment.

  • You may pay by electronic banking for EXISTING dogs registered with us. Full payment must be made.
  • If you’re paying for more than one dog, please make separate payments to capture individual dog details.
  • To help us identify your payment, please use the following identification (ID) details when paying via internet banking. Your Dog ID and Owner ID numbers are on the front of this form. An example is shown below.
  • Return your signed dog registration form to Council by:
    • Email:
    • Post: Hauraki District Council, PO Box 17, Paeroa 3600
    • Deliver to one of the Council offices.
Our bank account details: 02-0396-0064018-04
Particulars: Dog Reg
Code: Owner ID number
Reference: Dog ID number
 Online credit card payment
  • If paying by credit card you do not need to return the hard copy registration form to Council as you are agreeing online that the information on your form is up to date and correct for you and your dog/s.
  • *A convenience fee of 2.355% of your payment amount and 17 cents per transaction (including GST) applies. This applies to all credit card types.
  • Pay my dog registration by credit card

Registration forms

To register your dog in the Hauraki District you will need to complete the Dog Registration Form [PDF, 248 KB] Adobe PDF document and take it with payment into one of our Council Offices to receive a registration tag for your dog.

See also ROL - Responsible Owner Licence

Renewing dog registration

Customers can Renew their dog's registration at any of our Hauraki District Council offices where they will receive a registration tag on the spot.

If you would like to pay by mailing your payment we will post the registration tag to you within 10 working days of receipt of payment.   Dog Registration Form [PDF, 248 KB] Adobe PDF document 

Dog registration rebates

Customers are entitled to a rebate on their dog registration if the dog is desexed.

If your dog is desexed, they must present a desexing certificate (or include a copy by mail) when registering for the first time.

Refunds can not be given on dogs which are desexed after they have been registered. The Rebate will apply the next registration year.

What does dog registration pay for?

Registration fees go towards the cost of Animal Control Services and the requirements of the Dog Control Act.

Some of the services are:

  • Promoting better care and control of dogs 
  • Responding to dog control complaints
  • Impounding of dogs and maintaining Pound Register
  • Provide and maintain shelter/pound facilities
  • Taking legal action against owners of unregistered dogs
  • Implementing dog control policies on dogs
  • Monitoring and enforcing the local Council dog control bylaws


A penalty of 50% applies for all late payment of registration after the 31 July each year.

Replacement tags

Replacement Tags (in cases of loss or damage) incur a fee of $5.00.

To purchase a replacement tag you will need to fill in a Replacement Tag Form [PDF, 60 KB] Adobe PDF document which you can obtain from any Hauraki District Council office. You can then post this form or present it in person with payment to receive a replacement tag. 

Change of details

For customers wanting to change of details such as name or address, please complete and return the following form:

or call into one of our Council offices and we can change these details at any time.

Please note that we will require positive identification to action these changes.

If you’re on the move...

If you change address, we need to know in writing within 14 days. Also, if your dog is sold or given away, you and the new owner need to let us know in writing within 14 days, or you could be fined up to $500.

dog on the move

Part of year registrations

Full registration is required if the dog owner has had the dog in their care for that period.

New Registrations for new puppies or new dog to an owner made after the 31 July will incur a pro rata payment equivalent to the number of months remaining in the current registration year.

Dog new to District / Exchange tag

If a dog is currently registered with another Local Authority the owner must present proof of registration or the current Dog Tag and we will issue them with an exchange of tag for the remainder of the current year of registration, at no cost.

Dog has died

In the event that your registered dog dies you are entitled to a pro rata refund equivalent to the remaining months in the current registration year.

You will need to fill in the following forms Notification of Deceased or Transferred Dog(s) [PDF, 173 KB] Adobe PDF document and Dog Registration Refund Form [PDF, 168 KB] Adobe PDF document

You will need to forward this form with the Dog Tag or a Vets certificate of Euthanasia for us to action your refund request.

Please note that the refund is calculated from the time we receive formal notification. 

Number of dogs allowed

The number of dogs allowed per property in Hauraki District is:4 white shepherds

  • Two(2) dogs for properties zoned URBAN - otherwise dispensation is needed
  • No limit for properties zoned RURAL
  • Fee for Dispensation is $52.00


 To apply for dispensation complete the Dispensation Form [PDF, 151 KB] Adobe PDF document and the Dispensation - Neighbours Consent [PDF, 72 KB] Adobe PDF document that includes signed approval from the adjoining neighbours confirming they are happy for dispensation to be granted.

Once the application and payment is received, an Animal Control Officer will do the following:

  • Check the applicant's details to check if there has been any history of complaints 
  • Then conduct a property inspection to ensure the property is suitable for a number of dogs
  • Finally the Animal Control Officer will make a decision based on his/her findings
  • The Council will then send a letter to the owner confirming dispensation

Please note that a permit may be revoked at any time if believed to be warranted by an Animal Control Officer.

Where more than three dogs are registered to an owner the fourth and subsequent dogs are registered at a reduced fee.

Guide dogs 

Trained Guide Dogs used by the Visually and Hearing Impaired must be registered. 

Registration for trained guide dogs is free.