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The Responsible Owner Licence (ROL) has been designed to benefit urban and rural dog owners who have a good history of dog care and control, and fit the eligibility criteria listed on this page.  

  • Complete the prescribed ROL Application Form [PDF, 83 KB] Adobe PDF document and pay the application fee of $32.00.
  • Have a good record of Registration History/No Complaints or Impounding in the preceding 12 months.
  • Pass a simple written examination on dog care and owner legal obligations. 

To become a ROL, dog owners will need to meet ROL Eligibility Criteria policy (below) and apply to the Hauraki District Council.

Note: Probationary owners, and owners of dogs classified Dangerous or Menacing are not eligible to apply for the Responsible Owner Licensing Scheme 

ROL Eligibility Criteria  

12 Months Good Registration and Dog Control History  

There must be a good HISTORY of control and registration payment. First time dog owners will need to build up a history before they will be eligible. Dog owners must not have received any written offence notices, impounding or complaints over the previous 12 months.  

Securely Fenced Section 

Dog owners will need to be able to confine their dog SECURELY on their section, ie people must be able to reach a door without having to pass the dog. Tethering and chaining of the dog alone will not be enough. Rural or farm fencing is not considered adequate.  

Inspection of fencing is done by an Animal Control Officer.

Written Examination  

Dog owners will have to sit a short test on basic facts about dog care, their obligations and Hydatids. Dog owners will need a 75% pass to qualify.  

Reduced Fees

Council’s Responsible Owner Licensing Scheme rewards those dog owners who keep their dogs under control at all times, and have a good Registration history, with a reduced Fee (from $105.00 to $60.00, or $45.00 if the dog is de-sexed) 

ROL Information Pack