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PuppyTo report lost or missing dogs contact the Hauraki District Council with the following details:

  • A full description of the dog
  • Dog tag number and whether it was wearing a collar
  • The last know address it went missing from
  • The time & date it went missing

Pound & Impoundment fees

If your dog has gone missing or has been found roaming it may have been impounded by Council. Contact Council on 0800 734 834 (within the district) or 07 862 8609 anytime to check if your missing dog has been impounded. Impounding fees may be paid at any Hauraki District Council Area Office.

There are fees to pay before the dog will be released from the pound, and in certain circumstances the dog may also require micro-chipping and de-sexing before it gets released.

Pound Fees
First time impoundment $70.00
Second time impoundment $100.00
Third time impoundment $160.00
Sustenance Fee per day  $12.00


Impounding fees may be paid at any Hauraki District Council Area Office.

Note: If the dog is unregistered, the owner will need to pay the relevant registration fee before it will be released.

Lost and Found Listings

If a dog that has been hanging around is suspected of being a stray, the customer can also contact one of these organisations who may assist in reuniting the animal with its owner.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) - will provide assistance if your dog is sick or injured.

Pets on the Net - post a found notice or view lost listings, both free of charge.