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Land Information Memorandum  (LIM) applications

If you want a LIM report before Christmas, we’ll need your application by:

  • 9am Tuesday 6 December 2022 for a Standard LIM (10 working days)
  • 9am Wednesday 14 December 2022 for an Urgent LIM (2-3 working days).

We will still accept LIM applications after these dates but there is no guarantee that a LIM report will be issued before Christmas.

Council operations and activitiesAerial view of a property

If you are considering purchasing a property in the Hauraki District it is recommended that you obtain a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) before finalising the purchase.

 You will find a LIM very useful in helping to identify issues on the site and/or any potential development restrictions.

Land Information Memorandum Application Form [PDF, 152 KB] Adobe PDF document

What is a LIM?

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is a report prepared at your request by the Hauraki District Council.

It provides historical and current information held by the Council on properties, and is usually requested prior to the purchase or sale of a residential or commercial property.

A LIM is issued under Section 44A of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and contains all relevant information known to the Council at the time the LIM is issued, relevant to the land described.

It is based on a search of Council records only, and there may be other information relating to the land which is unknown to Council. Council does not undertake any inspection of the land or any building on it for the purposes for preparing a Land Information Memorandum.

The applicant is solely responsible for ensuring that the land is suitable for a particular purpose. Any plan, aerial photographs or diagrams attached to the LIM are for illustrative proposes only and are not confirmation of the legal position of the boundaries of, or any services on, the property.

A LIM report provides information regarding some or all of the following:

  • Applicant, Location of Property and Council Charges
  • Information identifying Special Features or Characteristics of the Land
  • Drainage: Private and Public. Stormwater and Sewerage Drains
  • Information relating to any Rates owing in relation to the Land
  • Consents, Certificates, Notices, Orders or Requisitions affecting the Land
  • Information relating to Building Certifiers Certificates held by Council
  • Information relating to the Use to which the Land may be put and the Conditions attached to that use: Zoning
  • Information from Statutory Organisations notified to Council
  • Network Utilities
  • Information on Public Works known to Council
  • Information in respect to Swimming Pools
  • Water
  • Comments or Additional Information
  • Certificate of Title
  • Disclaimer
  • District Plan

The LIM may also include other information concerning the land which the Council considers, at its discretion, to be relevant.

Sometimes problems may come to light after the applicant/lawyer receives the LIM, i.e. some building work didn’t have consent, there is a swimming/spa pool which Council doesn’t know about, etc.

A qualified person can inspect the work and make a report, a copy of which can be placed on Council’s file for future reference.

Amended LIM

An amended LIM can also be done if requested once the report is received.

In the case of an unlicensed swimming/spa pool, a Building Inspector will need to make an inspection to verify whether the pool fence is complying or not.

Contact a Customer Services Advisor at the Council on (07) 862-8609 or email:, if you have any queries about a LIM.

When to get a LIM 

LIM's can be applied for at any time but most people order a LIM when they have signed for purchase of a property, making a 'satisfactory' LIM a condition of the Sale and Purchase Agreement. 

A LIM is very useful in deciding on whether the land is worth purchasing and will give you a better indication if you will inherit any extra costs or conditions that come with the purchase, e.g. is there water supply and sewerage to the property? Has the building passed it's final inspection? Has the property flooded?

Who can get a LIM? 

Anyone can order a LIM: 

  • the current owner 
  • prospective purchasers 
  • solicitors 
  • real estate agents 
  • valuers 
  • lenders and insurers

What a LIM does not cover 
  • Any development works undertaken without Council knowledge or consent
  • A full and comprehensive outline of development restrictions applying to a site
  • A site visit to the property 

Note: A LIM is not a comprehensive assessment of a property. It only serves to document the information Council has about the property at the time the LIM is prepared. It is essential that if you have any doubts about a site, you employ a relevant independent consultant. 

Cost and Timeframe 

Standard LIM takes 10 working days 

Urgent LIM takes 2-3 working days 

View the Resource Management Fee Schedule for the cost of a Standard LIM and an Urgent LIM. 

All LIM reports must be produced within 10 working days as specified by the Local Government Information and Meetings Act 1987, however your application may take less time. In some circumstances processing may be delayed if any essential information (i.e. clear identification of property/fees etc) is missing. The application will be placed on hold until full application is supplied. If, for any reason there is going to be a delay in preparing your LIM, you will be notified. 

For some complicated or commercial properties a further charge may be necessary but will be notified prior to the commencement of the LIM. 

What information do I need to give Council?
  1. Details on the property
    • Street address
    • Legal description, e.g. Lot and DP number
    • Current owner's name
    • Current land use
  2. A historic copy of the Certificate of Title will be helpful. (A Certificate of Title is generally made available through your solicitor or may be obtained from Land Information NZ. Council can obtain one for you. Fee applies.)
  3. The Standard LIM fee or the Urgent LIM fee.  View Fees & Charges
  4. A fully completed application form which is obtainable by one of the following methods: 

LIM form

Filling out the form
  1. The Applicant - Your details or the details of your solicitor if they are making the application for you.
  2. The Property - These details are available from your real estate agent. The legal description is also available by searching the Rating Information Database available on this website. The signature of the applicant and the date of application are also required. 
  3. Fees - select the type of LIM you require, Standard or Urgent.
  4. Delivery Options - Select the way you would like your LIM delivered.
  5. Payment - Select the payment type you will be using. 

    If paying online please use the following details:
    HDC Account: 02-0396-0064018-004 
    Particulars: urgent LIM or standard LIM
    Code: {house number and street property is on} eg 1 William St
    Reference: your name / applicants name


Submitting the application

Submit the completed LIM Application form, any other supporting information (e.g. the Certificate of Title) and the deposit fee to:

You need to ensure that the deposit and all the necessary documentation is supplied with your application to avoid processing delays.

Please Note: The LIM will not be processed until the deposit fee has been received.