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Kaiaua township experiences regular flooding from the Hauarahi Stream during major rainfall.

We’ve been working with Waikato Regional Council and the community on some options to help reduce the impact of flooding by improving the flow of the Hauarahi stream. The work will help manage the effects of storm water, but it won’t prevent flooding altogether, or address coastal hazards.

We’ve allocated $100,000 for the Hauarahi stream work, including:

  • Rock protection of high erosion areas and earthworks
  • Stream clearing and blockage removal

The work would be done over a two‐year period, with the cost recovered via a targeted rate over five years.

Work completed ahead of time

Covid-19 pushed pause on the Hauarahi Stream project during Level 3 and 4, but once work started again, we made good progress clearing blockages upstream of East Coast Road Bridge. We’ve also put in high flow benches (areas along the river, usually on bends, where a flat bench is dug into the bank, making the river wider. When the river flows over the bench, it can spread out but stay contained within the riverbanks). Flow benches are about 20 to 30 metres long. Rock riprap (large boulders put in place to protect shorelines against scour and water erosion) have also been added in 50-metre sections.

Our expected completion date for this project was in 2022, but we’ve finished ahead of time and the project is now complete.

Kaiaua Coast 2120 - Looking Ahead

The Hauarahi Stream work is in addition to other work the council is doing to find a long term solution to managing coastal hazard risks in the area, including sea level rise.

The council has appointed environmental management experts, Traverse Environmental Ltd, to work alongside the relevant councils and with the affected communities, iwi and other stakeholders, to develop a strategy for how we will respond to coastal hazard risks in the future.

The community is participating in a separate community planning process that will look at a wide range of issues around the coast and how we can provide for a resilient and prosperous future over the next 100 years.

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Mar 2019 - Community consultation

Sep 2019 - $100,00 allocated to the project

Early 2020 - Work begins

2022 - Expected completion

March 2021 – work completed ahead of time

View the maps

Map of proposed works (jpg, 351KB)

Map of area of benefit (jpg, 88KB)

Kaiaua Coast 2120 - Looking Ahead

The community is participating in a separate community planning process that will look at a wide range of issues around the coast.