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Kaiaua Coast 2020 to 2022

General stormwater upgrades We'll be upgrading our stormwater systems along East Coast Road starting with the area opposite the petrol station, then Lispscombe Road. $115,000 The work on Hauarahi Stream has addressed the concerns in this area, so the  Lipscombe Road storm water project has been cancelled.
General stormwater renewals Replacing stormwater pipes, manholes etc…as needed. $7000 This is ongoing replacement work that we do every year as needed.
Hauarahi Stream works We're working to reduce the impact of flooding in Kaiaua by improving the flow of the Hauarahi Stream. The project includes: rock protection of high erosion areas and earthworks; stream clearing and blockage removal. $100,000 over two years This is a two year project that we started early in 2020. Work is now complete ahead of estimated finish date of 2022.
Kaiaua floodgates We're repairing two floodgates, one in the Kaiaua township, and another one just north of Kaiaua township. $40,000 This project is now complete.
Hauraki Rail Trail Pūkorokoro-Miranda to Kaiaua section

We're building the 10km stretch of the Hauraki Rail trail form Kaiaua township to Pūkorokoro-Miranda.

Work on this 10km stretch whizzed back into action during Level 3, with the successful relocation of some special lizards. The new trail passed through this native lizard’s habitat and it was important to find them a new place to live. It's taken nearly a year to get all the resource consents in place to approve the lizard rehoming work and it was all ready to start when Level 4 lockdown happened. The good news is, the lizards are now happy in their new home and work is going well.

$1.6million Native lizard population rehomed. New toilet installed near the Miranda Bridge in June 2020 and construction of three new wooden bridges is complete. Construction of the rail trail is largely complete and has been unofficially operational since August.
Hauraki Rail Trail carparking and freedom camping area We're creating a destination, not just a toilet-stop, at the Kaiaua end of the new 10km Hauraki Rail Trail extension between the township and Pūkorokoro/Miranda. Plans for the place include day and overnight parking areas with natural landscaping, as well as picnic areas, toilets and safety bollards. An upgrade to the adjacent Pirate ship play ground is also on the to-do list a bit further down the track. $364,000.
This includes an $80,000 contribution from the government and $10,000 from the NZ Motor Caravan Association

Quite a bit of time has passed since these plans were finalised so we’ve given them a final once over before we start work on the project. After completing this review, we think having a public toilet and shower facility in the area near the pirate ship playground makes more sense than putting them in the overnight parking area, so we’re asking our communities what they think.

Consultation closes on Friday 30 April. Council will consider all feedback at the Council meeting on Wednesday 12 May and the decision will be shared in late May.

Hauraki Rail Trail stopbank repairs The Hauraki Rail Trail runs along the stopbank near Miranda Hotpools. We’re repairing this stopbank, which was damaged in the 2018 flood event. $300,000 We’ve finished the stop bank repairs on the Hauraki Rail Trail south of Pūkorokoro Miranda. Work complete.
Miranda Cemetery drainage We’re putting in better drainage on the uphill side of the cemetery to divert water away from the cemetery site. $12,200 Drainage work to prevent water running downhill into the Miranda Cemetery was completed in March. We also took the opportunity to install a water tank at the entrance, to provide for the washing of hands, as is customary to remove tāpu on leaving an urupa.
Roadworks on East Coast Road  We’re repairing 600m of road immediately north of Kaiaua township.   This work is now complete. 

 Other projects in other areas of the Hauraki District will be added to this list as they become available.