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Can I order an electronic property file?

Yes, but you'll need to allow some time for us to gather the information for you.

You will be able to order the file by emailing us at, using the online form below or by contacting any of our service centres in Paeroa, Ngatea or Waihi. A complete digital file will be available to you within 10 working days following the payment of your request, or as negotiated with you depending on the size of the property file you require.

Order a property file online

HDC property records are not yet viewable online (with the exception of individual property rates data).

Is there a cost and why?

Yes, when placing an order for a standard residential file, you will be required to pay a $30 fee in advance (includes GST email/postage). Commercial files will be quoted.  This fee covers the file collation and provision as an email link, or on a portable digital media (USB) for pick-up from any of our service centres or couriered to you to an address within New Zealand.

We provide the first half hour of our service for free. If what you need is only one or two documents from the property file and we can email it to you, then there is no charge for that.

Please be aware the cost may be more for records relating to commercial properties or if you require the ‘entire’ property file. This is because there is often a higher volume of documents. We can provide a quote for these types of requests.

There are two ways to pay for an electronic property file:

Internet banking – Account Number: 02-0396-0064018-04
Name: Hauraki District Council, Bank: BNZ, Branch: Paeroa
References: Surname, Prop File, Property Valuation Number (search our property rates database for Valuation Number)

Eftpos, credit card or cash at our service centres in either Ngatea, Paeroa or Waihi

If I only require a couple of documents within a property file, can I still get a paper printout?

Yes, we will be able to print off a few pages e.g. a Code Compliance Certificate. Copying charges will apply.

What records are digital?

Since the year 2000 we’ve been scanning and storing property records electronically.

If a property is older than 2000, it may have a combination of electronic and paper records. If nothing has been done on the property since 2000, it’s likely the whole record will be in paper format only.

We still have thousands of older property related documents that are paper only, which we are in the process of digitising. If you order a property file that has paper records, we will scan everything to make a complete electronic version of the file.

What records are included in a property file?

If you request an electronic copy of the documents, you will receive the following if they are available:

  • Building Permits /Consents and associated plans
  • Building Consent
    • Application
    • Approved plans and specifications
    • As laid/as built plans
    • Code of Compliance Certificates
  • Latest swimming pool inspection
  • Latest Building Warrants of Fitness
  • Subdivision and Land Use Resource Consent decision report including conditions
  • Resource Consent approved plan

The amount of information we hold will also depend on the age of the building. Prior to the Building Act 1991, there were less stringent building rules. Borough and County Councils were not required to obtain as much information as today. Therefore, the files for properties containing older buildings, may be very small.

Please note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the records we have on file as work may have occurred on the property without us being advised.

If you have any query about file content, please give us a call and speak to one of our Customer Service Advisors.

What information does a LIM Report (Land Information Memorandum) provide?

A lot of research and collation of information goes into the creation of a LIM. A LIM report includes:

  • A list of Building Permits and Consents (including whether they have met requirements)

The following are in a LIM report but not included in a property file request :

  • Rates costs
  • Rating valuations
  • Public works eg stopbanks
  • Protected buildings and trees, historic buildings and features
  • Planning information eg resource consents and planning zones
  • Designations
  • Special land features or characteristics eg known fill, flooding etc
  • Requisitions issued by the council in relation to the property
  • Public stormwater and sewerage drains
  • Licence and certificate registrations eg liquor or registration of food premises

Check out Applying for a LIM for further information.

Do I still need to get a LIM Report if I have paid for a copy of the property file?

If you have requested to view a property file under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, we’ll make every reasonable effort to provide the information requested.

Council will make reasonable efforts to provide the information requested.  However, the information contained on the USB/email link is not a substitute for a LIM Report on the property, a physical inspection by qualified professional, or expert advice.  In providing the information contained on the USB/email link Council makes no representation, nor gives any warranty, as the completeness or accuracy of that information, or that it may be suitable or used for a particular purpose.  The information contained on the USB/email link is provided to the named recipient only.  Council does not accept liability for loss, cost, damage or expense incurred or suffered by the recipient or any other person arising from the use of information provided or reliance on it. 

How can I view a property file in person?

Viewing of records is available in our service centres during normal business hours.

Generally, you will be able to view a paper property file the next working day from your request, in our Waihi or Ngatea service centres, if ordered before 10am, or on the same day in our Paeroa office (if the file is not in use in one of the other service centres or being used to prepare a LIM).

To ensure you don’t get stuck in a queue, please contact Customer Services to book a time to view the information. Electronic records can be viewed with a Customer Services Advisor. Paper property files cannot leave the premises, but we can make copies of any of the documents. Copying fees will apply.

You may view the files between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Phone (07) 862 8609, or 0800 734 834 from within the District.

Maps online

GIS Cadastral (mapping) data for all Hauraki District properties is available online. You can search for:

  • Property information including boundaries, land contour, aerial photos; land hazards and street views
  • Stormwater, wastewater and water supply networks

This information is also included in a LIM report. There is a charge for us to provide a printed copy of any of the maps but there is no charge for an emailed copy.

Where can I find a property’s address and legal description?

Our online rates information database includes the valuation number and legal description for individual properties in Hauraki District.

Where can I get further information?

Please contact our customer service team during normal business hours (8am – 4:30pm) on 07 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (in district) or email your request to

Key things to remember

  • It will take up to 10 working days from payment to provide the information; some large files may take longer.
  • You will need to order the file in advance of when you require it.
  • The information contained on an email link/USB is not a substitute for a LIM report on the property, a physical inspection by qualified professional, or expert advice.