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Easypay your rates 

It will save you time and its free - it makes sense to easypay your Rates! 

Now there is an easy way to take the bother out of Rate Payments - all you have to do fill in an application form, return it to one of our offices (not to your bank please), and leave the rest up to us! 

Hauraki District Council's rates easypay service (direct debit) is free to set up, and there are no additional bank transaction fees payable by you. 

How does it work? 

All you have to do is fill the Rates Easypay application form (101 KB)  Adobe PDF document  selecting either the weekly, fortnightly, monthly or the instalment option. The weekly, fortnightly and monthly options are processed on your preferred start date and then every chosen frequency thereafter. The instalment option is processed on the last day for payment.  

We will then send you an annual rates notice, showing you how your rates are made up and the amounts and showing times of payment. Once set up, there are no more forms to complete. Easypay continues each year until cancelled.  

You're in control  

Once on Rates Easypay your rates will always be paid on time, automatically, from your chosen bank account. There will be clear details recorded on your bank statement each time. 

 If you select the monthly option the change is made in October each year.  

Payments may be stopped or you may withdraw from the service at any time.  

If you wish to start paying your Rates by Easypay you will need to:  
  • download the following Rates Easypay application form (101 KB) Adobe PDF document 
  • or collect the Easypay Form from any of our Offices (listed below)
  • or phone 07 862 8609 or 0800 734 834 (from within the district) to have an Easypay Form posted to you
  • fill in the form (you will need to know your bank account number) and return it to one of the Hauraki District Council Offices. 

 ! IMPORTANT: To ensure your money gets credited correctly to YOUR Rates account it is important that the Easypay form is returned to HDC and not directly to your bank. 

Questions Answered 

Why is there no amount on the Direct Debit Authority as there is with an Automatic Payment?
Leaving the amount off the Direct Debit Authority means that you still receive advice of the regular payment amount by letter but you don't have to go to the trouble of completing a new form (as you do for Automatic Payments) if the rates amount should change in the future.

How then do I know that when I sign the Authority Form the Hauraki District Council will not help themselves to whatever they want from my bank account?
Firstly, no organisation can provide a Direct Debit service to you unless approved by their bank as possessing the utmost integrity to fulfil the very strict code of conduct agreed by the Banking System as a whole. Secondly, the organisation must provide you with the date and amount to be debited to your bank account. Thirdly, all banks stand behind the service and will ensure that, for example, the organisation meets the requirements of the Direct Debit service. If the notice requirements are not complied with you can have the amount reversed.

Are payments payable only to the Hauraki District Council?
Yes, payments can only be made to the organisation named on the Direct Debit Authority form. A Separate Direct Debit Authority is required for each organisation which you wish to make similar agreements with.

What happens if I disagree with an amount shown on my bill?
Just contact the rates section of the Hauraki District Council on (07) 862 8609 or within district free-phone 0800 734 834 and cancel or suspend the Authority. Alternatively your bank's local branch can stop any particular payment up to the due date – simply say that you would like to stop a Direct Debit and you will be referred to the person who will assist. As a courtesy we would still appreciate being advised so that we can revert your account to normal billing.

Can I withdraw from the service at anytime?
Yes, you can withdraw at any time by asking your bank to cancel your Direct Debit Authority. Again, as a courtesy, we would appreciate being advised.

What happens if I change bank accounts?
Firstly, you should advise the Hauraki District Council that you are changing the account from which payment is to be made, then advise them of your new bank account details. Secondly you should tell your bank when you change your accounts that you have a Direct Debit loaded, and that it should be transferred as well.

What bank accounts can I make payments from?
Most banks offer a range of accounts from which payments may be made. Simply enquire at the local branch of your bank.

How much does it cost me to pay by Direct Debit?
Direct Debits normally incur no extra fees. The Council pays a small processing charge. However, you may wish to check with your bank as to how fees are applied.

What is the difference between an Automatic Payment and a Direct Debit?
Automatic Payments are for fixed amounts on a regular frequency and can only be changed by you. Direct Debits can be for an irregular amount and an irregular frequency with all processing costs on the Council. You do not have to instigate change and therefore do not incur any additional bank fees.

For further information on Rates Easypay: 

Contact the Rates Section of the Hauraki District Council Ph 0800 734 834 (within district free-phone) or (07) 862 8609; or email