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Kerbside Collections

Week 2 begins Monday 30 January 2023

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Tirohia Landfill Resource Consent

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New mining proposals

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Yellow HDC Rubbish bags - collected weekly

Only rubbish in the HDC official yellow pre-paid bags will be collected.

Official yellow rubbish bag

The cost of purchasing a rubbish bag represents the costs for the kerbside collection and disposal of the rubbish.

View the purchase price of the yellow HDC rubbish bags. They can be purchased from the following locations:

  • Council Offices
  • New World in Waihi 
  • Countdown in Paeroa 
  • Four Square in Ngatea 
  • Pak n Save in Thames 
  • Kaiaua Store 
  • Waitakaruru Country Store 

There is no limit on the number of pre-paid bags that can be put out for collection. The collect of bags is restricted to a maximum weight limit of 10 kg for each bag.

Please help keep our rubbish collectors safe.

Recycling - collected fortnightly 

on alternate weeks, either Week 1 or Week 2.

Your rubbish & recycling must be at the gate before 7:30am to guarantee collection.

There is a maximum weight limit of 10 kg for an 80 litre or 240 litre wheelie bin.

The truck's mechanical arm needs room to pick up the bin so please use the following guidelines when placing your bin at the kerbside:

  • face the bin towards the road (wheels at the back) and lid closed
  • at least 0.5 metres apart (same as the bin's width),
  • at least 1 metre away from cars and poles,
  • at least 3 metres away from overhead vegetation or power lines,
  • no later than 7.30am on the collection day for properties not in the town centre,
  • no later than 9.00am on the collection day for all waste and recycling in the town centre zone (as defined in the district plan).

Ensure half a metre between bins, crates, bags and other objects.      glass bins

Bins and crates must not be overloaded.

See what goes in the wheelie bin and what goes in the blue crate

Collection Days and Recycling Weeks

The easiest way to remember your collection day is to check the ID sticker on the wheelie bin allocated to your address, which will show the day and week. In the example below it is Tuesday, Week 1.

Pre-paid rubbish bag, wheelie recycle bin and crate for glass.         Sticker on wheelie bin showing collection day and week

Place your rubbish and recycling at the kerbside before 7:30am


Collection Day Yellow rubbish bag

Recycling recycle bin glass recycling crate
Whiritoa Monday Week 1
Kerepehi, Turua Wednesday Week 1
Waihi, Waikino Thursday Week 1
Kaiaua, Ngatea, Waitakaruru Wednesday Week 2
Karangahake, Mackaytown, Paeroa Thursday Week 2

View the Kerbside Collection Calendar

Public Holidays: 

Usually - on any week where there is a public holiday on a normal collection day, all rubbish collections will be a day later than the normal. 

Sometimes collections are unaffected.

Collections for public holidays will be advertised on our Facebook page, our website and in the local newspapers.

View the latest collections on public holidays 

What Week is it?

If you've lost track of what week it is, look it up on the kerbside recycling calendar

Wheelie bins and replacement parts 

If your bin is damaged or stolen, contact us to order a replacement bin. Parts can also be replaced if they become damaged.

View the cost of bin or parts replacementwheelie bin clip

It's a good idea to label your bins with your address to avoid any ownership issues.

Wheelie bin clips 

Don't flip your lid, use a wheelie bin clip. Stop your recycling being tipped out of your bin when the wind blows, by using one of our wheelie bin wind clips. It will keep your bin lid closed until you release it by hand, or the bin is turned upside down. Get yours for $10 incl GST from any of our Service Centres. There is a limited supply but if they fly out the door, we can order more.