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Council Work on Hauraki Roads

Road works

Roads and Footpaths

Hauraki has almost 632 km of local roads – that is, non state highways – so maintaining them is a significant part of the Council’s day to day business.

Our roading contractors cover the general maintenance and can include the rehabilitation of both sealed and unsealed urban and rural roads, metalling unsealed roads, routine drainage maintenance and, environmental maintenance (vegetation control in the rural network), along with maintaining and renewing structures and traffic services (road marking and signs).

Road Works Schedule

Road resealing works is carried out annually between October and March of the following year. Specific dates are not listed as weather can affect the timing of work and some work may occur at short notice.

Please note that this schedule may not contain all work in the Hauraki District and does not include general maintenance that crops up at short notice or work carried out by NZTA on highways. 


If you want to know about the latest conditions of North Island state highways, check on the NZ Transport Agency website.

Speed Management

Ensuring vehicle speeds are appropriate for the areas where we live, work and go to school, is part of our commitment to reducing deaths and serious injury on the District roads.

To see our adopted Speed Management Plan go to our Policies, Plans & Strategies page.

Corridor Access & Traffic Management Plans

A Corridor Access Request must be completed when working on a Council road in the Hauraki District and must be accompanied by a Traffic Management Plan.

Read the information about Applying for Corridor Access

The forms can be found on the NZTA website

Accessibility Audit Reports

Accessibility audits have been carried out for the Hauraki District Council, in the central business districts of Waihi, Paeroa and Ngatea, with particular emphasis for disabled and elderly residents. An accessibility audit is also being undertaken in Whiritoa.

The audit covers:

  • Mobility Parking spaces;
  • Kerb ramps;
  • Tactiles;
  • Footpaths;
  • Road crossings;
  • Street Furniture;
  • Temporary Traffic Management.

The audits identified several sites in all three towns which need to be improved for accessibility reasons and categorises these sites as follows:

  • Serious Safety Risk – Where it is considered serious injury may occur if the issue is not addressed;
  • Significant Concern – Major inconveniences; and
  • Minor Concern – Minor inconveniences.

The sites identified as having serious safety risks in the accessibility audits will be prioritised first (to be fixed) then the sites of significant concern and so on. 

View the reports: