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Every year the Council periodically sprays to control vegetation on its road reserve areas, within water channels and side drains, parks, reserves and pavements.

This helps keep our local network tidy and ensures our services like drains are well maintained and free flowing.

The operational area includes the entire Hauraki District local road network, excluding state highways.

You can register your property

For a variety of reasons, people may not wish to have agri-chemicals sprayed outside their property. If this sounds like you, you can apply to have your property listed on the Council’s "no-spray register" which will mean that we will not spray directly outside your property.

Conditions for a 'No Spray' Zone

Conditions apply for properties registered as a ‘no-spray zone’ to ensure property owners will keep their roadside frontage and drains tidy by eradicating all noxious plants and keep vegetation under control so it will not obstruct drains or roadside signage.

In gaining approval to be added to the Hauraki District Council No Spray Register, the resident agrees to take over the responsibility for:

  • eradicating all noxious and pest plants
  • keeping the road frontage clear and tidy (up to and including the kerb)
  • keeping drainage paths free of obstruction and fully operational at all times
  • keeping vegetation clear around signs, posts and other road furniture where a mower cannot easily reach.  
  • A distance of one metre around the feature is typically appropriate.
  • ensuring that, where the owner opts to purchase 'no-spray' markers, these remain clearly visible to the spraying contractor.

If the above conditions are not maintained and the spraying contractor observes an overgrown frontage at the time of spraying, the resident may be invoiced for additional costs associated with the spraying contractor returning to spray the area as normal. 


Applicants will be required to reapply for continuation of 'No-Spray Zone' status every two years to ensure Council records are kept up to date and accurate. The latest registrations were called for in September 2016.

If you have registered your property before September 2016 you are still required to re-apply. 

Also if you've just moved into a property that is on the register, you can request to have it removed from the register.

Application forms

Applications forms to register your property as a “no-spray zone” can be obtained by the following methods: