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Vehicle Crossings - new or modified

A vehicle crossing is a connection between a property and a public road. Often referred to as a driveway entrance. All vehicle crossings must be approved by the Council and inspected by our staff throughout construction.

Make a permit application

Applications for a new or modified vehicle crossing can be made using the online form:

Online Vehicle Crossing Permit Application form

Or alternatively you can download, print and send in the Vehicle Crossing Permit Application Form [PDF, 572 KB] PDF document

This includes vehicle crossings for new builds, adding a new crossing to an existing site, or rebuilding an existing vehicle crossing.

Please email the completed application to

Types of vehicle crossing

There are different construction requirements for a vehicle crossing depending on the type of property it is accessing – residential, commercial, or industrial.

Vehicle crossing construction specifications for:

Working in the road reserve

Prior to undertaking any work within the road reserve, you must submit a Corridor Access Request.

This ensures construction activity carried out in the road reserve is done by qualified persons, and meets standard requirements. There are several issues and potential risks when working within the road corridor - and we want to ensure anyone working within the road reserve has demonstrated a suitable level of competence and knowledge of these issues and risks.

Maintenance responsibility

The Council ensures vehicle entrances are constructed to appropriate standards and in safe locations. However, any improvements and maintenance to the vehicle crossing are the property owner's responsibility.

Council construction request

If you would like to make a request to have work completed by our Construction and Maintenance team view the information about making a quote request.

Corridor Access

If you are a business requiring Corridor Access to work in the road berm of the Hauraki District you must complete a Corridor Access Request.  Find out more


The charges related to vehicle crossings and road corridor access can be found in our Fees & Charges [PDF, 539 KB] PDF document document.