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Every Drop Counts

Water saving starts with you. Fresh water is precious. Use water wisely to keep as much water in our rivers as we can.

Current restrictions in place

 Water level 1

District wide

Water restrictions across the district are lifted. 
Please continue to use water wisely. Every drop counts


Frequently Asked Questions about Water Restrictions

Who is affected by water restrictions?

All private consumers on Hauraki District Council’s water supplies must comply with water restrictions set by Council. Water use from private bores and rain water tanks is not subject to these restrictions.

Are the restrictions mandatory?

Yes. The restrictions are mandatory.

Refer to our Water Supply Bylaw 2019 (Section 3.6 Continuity of Supply)


Restriction levels

water - no restrictions No Restrictions: No official restrictions on water but water is a precious resource we should always be mindful of and use wisely.

water restrictions - conserve water Level 1 - Conserve Water: Residents and visitors are asked to use water carefully to ensure our supply continues.

water restrictions - alternate days Level 2 - Alternate Days: Hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems can only be used on alternate days. If your address is an even number you can use your hose on even numbered days, and for odd numbered houses use on odd numbered days.

water restrictions - handheld hoses Level 3 - Hand-held hoses only: A total ban on the use of all sprinklers, unattended hoses and garden irrigation systems. Hand-held hoses can be used on alternate days: If your address is an even number you can use your hose on even numbered days of the month, and for odd numbered houses use on odd numbered days of the month.

water restrictions - watering ban Level 4 - Watering ban: Hand-held hoses, unattended hoses, sprinklers and garden irrigation systems are not permitted at any time. This includes a ban on watering lawns and gardens, washing cars, boats, houses, and decks, filling paddling pools and playing under sprinklers. Essential watering of plants, such as vegetable gardens using a hand-held watering can is permitted.