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Plains Ward Committee 


Crs G R Leonard (Chairperson), G A Harris, B A Gordon, D H Swales and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), K D Thompson (District Engineer), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager), S Clark (Parks and Reserves Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology of His Worship the Mayor be received and sustained.

PLWC14/39 Harris/Gordon CARRIED


There were no late items.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Plains Ward Committee held on Tuesday 15 July 2014 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PLWC14/40 Swales/Gordon CARRIED


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (1229857, 1236139, 1236135, 1235014) (184 KB) Adobe PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities for the month of July 2014 was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PLWC14/41 Harris/Gordon CARRIED

Guest Speaker

September – Ngaire Harris, Principal of Hauraki Plains College (Ngatea)

October – Dale Speedy, Contact Care Practitioner (Ngatea)

Hauraki Rail Trail: Kaiaua to Kopu: Monthly Report – June 2014 - Adrian de Laborde, Technical Services Business Unit.

An update was included in the Community Services report from the Technical Services Business Unit Manager updating on the Kaiaua to Kopu section of the rail trail project.

The report outlined the following key matters:

  • Route Location
  • HRT K2K: Primary Party to Land Access Agreements
  • Farmer Consultation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Iwi Consultation
  • Department of Conservation
  • Waikato Regional Council
  • Pūkorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre
  • Regulatory Process
  • Track and Bridge Design
  • Funding
  • Risks

Pukorokoro / Miranda Shorebird Centre

A member was concerned that the name change may affect local businesses and their existing signage and promotion material. The Community Services Manager informed the members that Council was awaiting final details of the consultation details and period and this will be reported back to Council .

Town Centres

The Parks and Reserves Manager has met with the Ward Chair and Councillor Bruce Gordon to seek direction on the garden beds to be replaced and the method by which it is to be undertaken. A decision has been made on the beds to be replaced and the finishing of the outside surfaces.

Prices are currently being confirmed with contractors and the project is expected to begin the end of August.

Plains Ward – Proposed Capital Projects

The Community Services Manager took the members through the proposed Community Services capital projects programmed for the 2015-25 Long Term Plan. They were asked to consider the programme and suggest any changes they considered were appropriate in relation to the list of projects and their proposed year for completion.

Table of Proposed Capital Works for Plains Ward (20 KB) Adobe PDF document

Kaiaua Xmas Lights Request (1236139)

A request has been received from a resident of Kaiaua seeking funding support from the Ward Committee towards the purchase of Xmas lights to light up a significant Norfolk Island tree that stands in her section on Puriri Avenue. Residents have expressed interest in making this a focal point at Xmas and for their town function. A copy of the request was attached (Appendix A).


THAT the request from a Kaiaua resident seeking funding support of Xmas lights be declined.

PLWC14/42 Leonard/Harris CARRIED

Ngatea – Request for Tree Removal (1236135)

A request has been received from residents R J & B D Sturgeon of 7 Madgwick Place seeking the Ward Committee’s consideration that a tree be removed that is causing some concern and discomfort for the residents. The tree has been pruned since the correspondence was received but they would like the tree removed and replaced with another more appropriate tree. A copy of the request was attached (Appendix B).


THAT the request from R J & B D Sturgeon of 7 Madgwick Place, Ngatea seeking the removal of a tree in Madgwick Place be supported, and

THAT the resident be asked if they would consider the planting of a more appropriate tree within their property.

PLWC14/43 Harris/Gordon CARRIED

Kaiaua-Request for the removal of Pohutukawa Trees (1235014)

A request has been received from residents Gary and Liz Murphy for the removal of three Pohutukawa trees on council Reserve land adjacent to 1851 East coast road, Kaiaua. A copy of the request was attached (Appendix C).


THAT the request from Gary and Liz Murphy for the removal of three Pohutukawa trees on Council Reserve land adjacent to 1851 East coast road, Kaiaua be declined, and

THAT Council will maintain the three subject Pohutukawa trees as required.

PLWC14/44 Harris/Gordon CARRIED



As part of the development of the 2015-25 Hauraki Long Term Plan being undertaken by the Strategic Planning Department a report and table (Appendix A) was presented which detailed the progress of actions assigned to staff for follow up to date.


THAT the report be received.

PLWC14/45 Swales/Harris CARRIED

Plains Ward

Short-term Matters/Issues/Proposals




  • Improved communications and customer service from Council around resource consenting and the District Plan.
  • Planning and Environmental Services Manager

Improved Customer Service ratings in both Consenting areas in last year’s annual survey. Our current focus is BC process improvement with BC applications forms ensuring they are filled out correctly to speed up the BC process and other processing areas. This is communicated with articles in the paper etc.

  • Improved building and resource consent processes, particularly around additional conditions imposed by Council later on, after initial discussions with customers and Council to provide feedback on specifics; Council needs to facilitate growth.

One of the long term issues is many of the Designers and Architects submitting BC plans but not being familiar with the Building Code requirements for their project. We have an annual Builders/Designers Meeting to address this and take a lead from for future meetings.


  • Follow up on the continued brown water/problems since the introduction of the Kerepehi plant. One house opposite the school had brown water for a week.
  • District Engineer

Waitakaruru treatment plant back on line to reduce flow velocities in pipe system and reinstate usual direction of flow.


  • Investigate the verge cutting – only a thin strip, and look into the frequency.
  • District Engineer


  • Find out who owns the Pipiroa Hall Society section now as this could be used for HRT parking.
  • Community Services Manager

This section is owned by the Crown.

  • Spraying around the green house – clarification was sought from the meeting as to why the drains in front of property were being sprayed, and why do they have to renew their registration each year. (perhaps the MT member who attended this meeting could provide further info on this point)
  • District Engineer



  • Liaise with owners of the Scout Hall/Plunket to sort out maintenance. Buildings to be checked and then call a community meeting to discuss use.
  • Community Services Manager

The land is Crown owned and the buildings are non Council buildings and no longer in regular use. Staff will seek further direction from the Plains Ward on further actions

  • Consider applying for funding for the maintenance of the hall if for youth projects.
  • Community Services Manager

This would be a direction that would need to come from the Plains Ward.

  • Maintenance of street lights from pub to end of town – often blown, and sometimes work/sometimes don’t.
  • District Engineer

Have checked service requests. A few circuit outages, very few individual lights.

  • Planning and Environmental Services Manager

The Building Officers have had a look at the buildings on Kerepehi Town Road in question.

1. The old butchery has been demolished leaving only the concrete floor slab and a haphazard pile of building materials. Site does need a tidy up though but we are unable to enforce that.

2. Building next door to the old butchery appears vacant and is neither unsafe nor insanitary.

3. The ex honey house at 63 is vacant and is neither unsafe nor insanitary. No action possible but will keep an eye on it as it is un maintained.

4. Scout hall building – not sure if it is being used but presently appears to be un maintained but it is neither unsafe nor insanitary.

  • Hold another community meeting at the end of the year.
  • MT liaise with Ward Chair

The Ward will consider this request

  • Investigate how best to deal with the breaking water pipes.
  • District Engineer

We have a growing database of breaks. Present indications are that it is more cost effective to repair than to replace.

  • Communication around the rates rebate scheme for the Kerepehi community. Can you apply for a rebate if your rates are in arrears?
  • Planning and Environmental Services Manager

Yes you can, but the rebate cannot be applied to penalty interest. You cannot apply for rebate retrospectively either. Both of these are requirements of the Rate Rebate Act 1973.

  • LTP – make more user friendly for readers.
  • Planning and Environmental Services Manager

The proposed Bill changes to the LGA will result in a more user friendly LTP.

  • Dirty water
  • District Engineer

See response above


  • Nil.


  • Confirm (advise) if the Orongo Road water supply is part of the 2014/15 water renewal plan.
  • District Engineer

It is not.

  • Verge mowing (same issue as Pipiroa)
  • District Engineer


  • Address water concerns with the Orongo water supply – low flow, low pressure.
  • District Engineer

Pressure tests have been done in the past indicating problems with internal pipe work. Re-test to be arranged.

  • Increase the area mown on road sides – the current area is too narrow, particularly at line of sight at intersections.
  • District Engineer



  • Attendees wanted to know when the two bridges would be replaced – Council to advocate for their replacement.
  • District Engineer

Not high on NZTA priority list. No significant crash history. It is on list of projects subject to review.

  • Issues raised about the number of potholes on the state highway.
  • District Engineer

NZTA responsibility, there is a priority system. Will discuss with NZTA.

  • Issues with dirty water in some lines.
  • District Engineer

Addressed, see above.


  • Council investigate planning to spray drains earlier – to avoid vigorous growth.
  • District Engineer

Noted, discussed with Drainage Manager.

  • Council to investigate ownership and the future of the domain/school/buildings/play centre, its use and whether it is part of treaty settlements.
  • Community Services Manager

Staff to investigate further and contact the Office of Treaty Settlements in regards to the school being part of the Treaty Settlements. The Domain/play centre is not included in the Treaty settlements.

  • Improve the standard of pothole filling.
  • District Engineer

Applies to Tramline Road. Major seal extension failure.

  • Improvements to parking (trucks) in front of the takeaways.
  • District Engineer

Discussed with NZTA at a liaison meeting.

  • Investigate the future maintenance of public toilets in Patetonga.
  • Community Services Manager

The public toilets were given a recent simple upgrade for Domain event users. They are basic facilities.

  • Reseal to the edges of Otane Road (to stop weed growth).
  • District Engineer

Inspected with Roading Manager. Channel cleaning will address the problem effectively.

  • Council staff and Councillors to meet with the Reserves Committee to get an understanding of the concerns regarding the Mangatarata Reserve. Report back solutions.

  • Community Services Manager
 This meeting is yet to be scheduled
  • Lack of feedback from service requests needs to be addressed.
  • Departmental Managers
  • Feedback to the annual survey company that first language English speaking interviewers be used.
  • Planning and Environmental Services Manager

The Survey company have been asked to have people who are fluent in English for our survey.

  • Reserves Committee to liaise with Council regarding appropriate community signage in the area.
  • Community Services Manager

The Reserves Committee are marking on a GIS map of area, their recommended locations for the signs.

  • Attendee asked about why the unsealed portion of North Road was removed from the 2013 schedule.
  • District Engineer

Attendee has been responded to. Now on 2018 schedule.

  • Can Council solve the ongoing safety issues at the intersection of SH2 and Mahuta Road.
  • District Engineer

Taken up with NZTA.


  • Advocate for more school signage.
  • District Engineer

Letter has been drafted by NZTA to RM & DE advocating for school signage.

The meeting closed at 10.52am.



G R Leonard


9 September 2014