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Plains Ward Committee


Crs G R Leonard (Chairperson), B A Gordon, D E Challis, G A Harris, and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga (from 9.20am)

K D Thompson (District Engineer), R Ashley (Community Services Operations Manager), Mr S Clark (Parks & Reserves Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)



THAT the apology of His Worship the Mayor for lateness be received and sustained.

PLWC11/20 Challis/Harris CARRIED


There were no late items.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Plains Ward Committee held on Tuesday 12 July 2011 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PLWC11/21 Challis/Harris CARRIED


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (774140) (32 KB)  Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PLWC11/22 Gordon/Challis CARRIED

Ngatea Memorial Hall

Cr Leonard advised the she and the Community Facility Manager had sought the opinion of another kitchen designer who has come up with a suitable design at a reasonable price. Cr Leonard advised they have also spoken with a commercial caterer from the area seeking their opinion on a suitable plan for the kitchen.

It was envisaged that an agreement on the final kitchen design and the contractor to undertake the work be approved at the next meeting.


New Public Toilets – Pioneer Park

Cr Leonard suggested that the new toilet project be started but a decision needs to be made on where the toilets should be sited.

The members believed that it is important to consider who are the toilets mainly servicing? Is it the travelling public or spectators and people participating in sports at the domain? It was considered that the toilets would service both the travelling public and domain users.

The Mayor attended the meeting at 9.20am.

A number of suggestions were put forward on the best location for the toilets. A preferable site was suggested to the rear of Pioneer Park.

It was agreed that further consideration is given to the type of toilets and their location at the next meeting in September.

Grandstand - Internal Paint and Fittings

The status of grandstand project was updated by the Parks and Reserves Manager. Quotations have been received for the installation of new doors before the painting commences.

Kerepehi Playground - Equipment Renewal

It was suggested that staff look at purchasing a ‘lily pad’ swing suitable for use by disabled/elderly people for the Kerepehi playground as it was considered these types of swings are often included in playgrounds around the country and are popular with the public.

Turua Toilets

The members were advised that the Community Facilities Manager has spoken with building contractors regarding the upgrade to the toilets. The Ward members would like to establish what works are suggested for the building prior to works commencing.


Turua Jetty Maintenance

The Parks and Reserves Manager and Councillors Leonard and Gordon have had a site visit with the local community members to look at the state of the Turua jetty and pontoon.

The members were advised that Mr Jim Sutherland and Mr Chris Baker are coming back to staff with maintenance costs and will be using local engineers and trades people to carry out this work. The Parks and Reserves Manager will report back the findings and prices to the meeting in September.

Kaiaua – Bowling Club

The Parks and Reserves Manager advised of a request received from the Bowling Club seeking permission to investigate filling the existing asphalt bowling green with soil to create an improved area which would provide for community events.

The members asked who would pay for this work and for its ongoing maintenance. Staff advised that the future mowing of this area would be included in the Kaiaua mowing contract. Currently, the berm outside the club is mown. Staff advised that to include this new area it would cost approximately $25.00 more than the current budget.

It was advised that community members were agreeable to seek funding for this project from various organisations but would also need some funding from Council. The Kaiaua community have indicated they are very supportive of this proposal.

It was requested that staff investigate costs how Council can assist with this project.


THAT approval ‘in principle’ is granted to the Kaiaua Bowling club to fill the asphalt bowling green to provide for community events, and

THAT the Parks and Reserves Manager investigate costs for this work to be undertaken, and

THAT staff consider how Council can assist with this project.

PLWC11/23 Harris/Gordon CARRIED

Kaiaua – Tennis Courts Drainage

Staff have received complaints from an adjoining land owner to the Kaiaua Tennis Club. The property owner states that during periods of heavy rain, flooding occurs on their property as a result of run-off water from the tennis courts next door that are located on Council property.

The Parks & Reserves Manager with Council’s Drainage Overseer has inspected the site during heavy rainfall and confirms this. The cost to complete the drainage work is $2,100.


THAT the drainage works at the Kaiaua Tennis Courts is completed.

PLWC11/24 Harris/Challis CARRIED

Ngatea Main Street Gardens

Councillors have expressed a desire to seek community input or ideas for the Main Street gardens.

The Chairperson asked for comments on whether this was a workable idea to involve the community. It was agreed that this was a positive way of getting support to keep the gardens looking attractive notably in the Main Street and Darlington Street areas.

The members believed that there needs to be a ‘theme’ established to bring the landscaping of these areas up to higher standard and create more effect.

In conclusion, it was decided that the Parks and Reserves Manager tidy up the existing plant boxes and plantings in the main street until such time as the gardens can be fully re-landscaped in the next suitable planting season in around April 2012.

The members commented that the consultation stage of this project should be started immediately so when the best planting time arrives the project is ready to proceed.

Ngatea Domain and Sports Fields

Cr Gordon raised an issue of ponding on the soccer field. The Parks and Reserves Manager advised he will be inspecting all the sports fields in the Domain with a specialist contractor on Thursday 18th August and will check the ponding and the general state of the other fields. It was requested that the findings be reported to the Domain Users that night following this inspection.

Cr Gordon suggested that the drainage of the Domain in the 10 year plan be extended to address issues where the condition of the sports fields is compromised due to severe weather events.

A member also raised a matter concerning a local coffee vendor who is being invited by sports teams to service the public at the Domain. The vendor has a hawkers licence but does not have permission to set up in Council reserves. The members were concerned that the sports clubs at the Domain who are already providing refreshments as a means of fundraising could be unfairly affected by this vendor.

The Community Services Operations Manager, Assets advised of the regulations pertaining to commercial concessions on Council reserves. He stated that Council may grant permission to allow a commercial concession to operate on a reserve if the concession is complementary to the purpose of the reserve, and any application to operate such a concession must be in accordance with the Reserves Management Plan with an application made to the Parks and Reserves Manager

Rays Rest area, Kaiaua

The Parks and Reserves Manager advised that the Hauraki Heavy Mobile Home Club members have had a working bee at Rays Rest area as they wished to see the area tidied up before the World Cup in September.

The members of the group have levelled the tracks with shells, cleaned up picnic tables, seats and signage.

The Mayor commended the group for their efforts and advised he will write to the Chairperson of the group thanking them for this work.

The meeting closed at 10.40am.



G R Leonard


13 September 2011