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Hauraki District Council 
Waihi Ward Committee


Crs H T Shepherd (Chairperson), M P McLean, P H Keall, A A Tubman and His Worship the Mayor, J P Tregidga

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), G Thomsen (Roading Manager), K Thompson (District Engineer), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


There were no late items.


Brian Gentil (Town Promoter – Go Waihi) and Austin Rattray (Chairperson – Go Waihi) were in attendance and provided a detailed report updating the Ward members on the operation and activities of Go Waihi.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Waihi Ward Committee held on Tuesday 13 May 2014 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

WWC14/28 McLean/Tubman CARRIED


COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (1216645, 1195407, 1216854, 1217227, 1216906, 1216491) (245 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received, and

THAT the correspondence from Goldfields Railway Inc., Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust, Sundaise 2015 and Waihi Central School be received.

WWC14/29 McLean/Tubman CARRIED

Goldfields Railway Inc.

The Projects Officer for the society seeks a waiver of the building consent fees relating to the relocation of a garage at 17 Wrigley Street, Waihi.

Planning and Consents personnel advises estimated cost of consent for this activity to be no more than $2,000.00.


THAT $600.00 is granted Goldfields Railway Inc. from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund in support of consent costs towards the relocation of a garage at 17 Wrigley Street, Waihi

WWC14/30 Tubman/Keall CARRIED

Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust

The Chairperson for the Trust seeks financial assistance with implementing signage along the length of the trail on the way to Waihi.


THAT $1400.00 is granted to the Hauraki Rail Trail Charitable Trust from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund in support of implementing signage along the length of the trail from Waikino to Waihi CBD.

WWC14/31 McLean/Tubman CARRIED

Sundaise 2015

The organiser for the Sundaise Festival seeks funding assistance towards a number of waste minimisation initiatives and compliance costs in relation to the 2015 event. The festival is a celebration of music, art and sustainability with a focus on recycling, composting, planting/propogating native trees as well as other key initiatives.

A breakdown of the costs was presented:

Hydro Hub$365.00
Wash Against Waste$660.00
Love NZ Recycling and Resources$600.00
Compliance costs including resource consent renewal, food/environmental Health and Traffic Management.$500.00 


THAT $500.00 is granted to the Sundaise 2015 from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund in support of waste minimisation initiatives and compliance costs.

WWC14/32 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED

Waihi Central School

The Assistant Principal, on behalf of the Matariki Waihi 2011 Organising Group has written seeking financial assistance with resources for events that allow the community to experience what their children are learning at school.


THAT a grant of $300.00 be contributed to the Waihi Central School from the Waihi Ward Discretionary Fund towards the sound system for the Matariki Festival Event.

WWC14/33 Shepherd/Keall CARRIED

Subleasing Office Space – Waihi Events Centre (1216491)

Correspondence was presented from the co-ordinator of the Sport n Action Charitable Trust who have received a request from Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki requesting the use of office space in the Events Centre.


THAT the correspondence from Sport ‘n’ Action Waihi Charitable Trust be received, and

THAT the request from Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki for the use of office space at the Waihi Event Centre be supported.

WWC14/34 Shepherd/Keall CARRIED

Waihi Community Facilities and Recreational Development Fund Projects

Siting of the Mining Bogger to central Waihi Carpark

This project is now completed, with the interpretative signage ordered and ll be installed as soon as ready.

Future Invited Speakers

Grey Power – Merv Lauder

Citizens Advice Bureau


SUMMARY OF PLAINS WARD LTP PRE-CONSULTATION – 2015-25 (1215936) (27 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Strategic Planner reported on the key points discussed at the Waihi Ward Long Term Plan LTP pre-consultation meetings.

Members were asked to review the summary of key points provided within the report and provide direction on which ones they wanted progressed within the 2014/15 year and which ones required further investigation in the Draft Long Term Plan.

The members communicated to staff the issues they considered to be a priority for their local communities, and should therefore be actioned in either the short or longer term.

Waihi Ward

Short-term Matters/Issues/Proposals


  • Some broken kerbing and footpaths in Whiritoa require attention for safety and accessibility reasons.
  • District Engineer
  • Investigate ‘no engine braking’ signs on the State Highway (Whiritoa).
  • District Engineer
  • Pohutukawa Reserve – yellow lines needed to restrict parking close to the entrance.
  • District Engineer
  • Moresby Ave Waihi (from Kensington Road to bridge) – road too narrow.
  • District Engineer
  • Hauraki Rail Trail further improvement (Paeroa to Waihi)
    • Viewing boards showing maps of the area, focussing on attractions.
    • Better signage and improved route into the towns.
    • Further develop existing walking/cycling tracks.
    • Development of a mobile app, linked to GIS to show locations, commentaries etc.
  • Community Services Manager to speak with HRTCT
  • Statue of the Ngati Tamatera Chief on Martha Hill – remove planting as cannot be easily seen and continue the hand rail going up the steps another 6 or 8 metres.
  • Check who owns this and request maintenance – Community Services Manager
  • Suggestion to investigate whether LED lighting could replace sodium vapour lighting.
  • Note in the LTP words that this is the approach going forward – District Engineer
  • Further progress the Waihi industrial land development proposal.
  • Environmental Services Manager
  • Consider widening the road that runs up past the Waikino hall (there is a tight section with a steep drop).
  • Pedestrian access also required. District Engineer to check this is currently on the list to do. Otherwise add to the safety register – District Engineer
  • Trucks use of the Waihi roundabout – feasibility study into this, or the potential for another roundabout at Rosemont Road/Kenny Street, or traffic lights at either locations.
  • $10,000 – District Engineer


THAT the report be received, and

THAT the Waihi Ward Committee establish actions to be taken from the summary list of points within the report which were raised at the LTP pre-consultation meetings.

WWC14/35 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED


ROADING REPORT FOR MAY 2014 (1217023, 1214680)

Waihi Footpath Streetscape Remedial Options

A report was presented by the District Engineer and Roading Manager regarding options for the border tile replacement and infill for the town centre footpaths.

The report offered three options for the polished concrete paving tiles which form panel divisions in the town centre footpaths, and two optional types of pavement infill treatment.  A number of photos were presented showing examples of border tiles and border infill.

The Committee requested that more investigation be undertaken to review further options for this remedial work and that these investigations are reported back to the Ward Committee.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT staff investigate further options for the replacement of the broken tiles, but ensuring that appearance of the existing streetscape materials is preserved, and

THAT staff will report on these investigations.

WWC14/36 Shepherd/Keall CARRIED

The meeting closed at 4.45pm.





H T Shepherd


15 July 2014