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Hauraki District Council
Waihi Ward Committee



Crs S G Baker (Chairperson), D M Carmine, M P McLean, H T Shepherd, A A Tubman and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

K D Thompson (District Engineer), S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), Mr J McIver (Community Development Officer) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


Pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Chairperson called for late items to be accepted.


THAT pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the following late items be accepted for discussion.

- Goldfields Railway Inc. – Request for Financial Assistance: Replacement Rail Bridge Project

The item was not on the agenda because the item was unavailable at the time of the agenda deadline.

Discussion on the item could not be delayed because consideration was urgently required to confirm funding to allow the project to commence as soon as practicable.

WWC12/13 Carmine/Tubman CARRIED

The Mayor introduced Mere Shortcliffe-Wilson who completed a Rangitahi Course last year which is a Youth Leadership Course for Maori and is a Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative.  Mere is undertaking mentoring from the Mayor and to observe and learn about Local Government.


Snr. Sgt Rex Knight, NZ Police (Waihi and district) was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

The following points were noted:

  • Increase in organised crime i.e. theft of trailers and vehicles (involving other districts), scrap metal and illegal taking and slaughter of sheep.
  • Arrests have been made of adults stealing vehicles particularly Subaru’s.
  • High technical surveillance equipment is being stolen from commercial properties.
  • Thefts from Memorial Hall - perpetrators have been arrested.
  • Priority for Police is to be highly visible in public.
  • CCTV is very successful. Police rely heavily on camera footage; it is particularly effective for credit card theft.
  • Cr Baker advised that the Whiritoa community have requested that consideration is given to the installation CCTV at locations around the community. Snr Sgt Knight supported this initiative.
  • Generally, there has been a good offender apprehension rate.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Waihi Ward Committee held on Tuesday 14 February 2012 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

WWC12/14 Shepherd/Tubman CARRIED


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (864196, #9;APPENDIX A: 864134) (18 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received.

WWC12/15 Carmine/Shepherd CARRIED

Waihi Clay Target Club [864134]

The secretary writes to the Ward requesting financial assistance with the cost of maintaining the road access to the club off 9630 State Highway 2 Waimata.

A number of their members have represented New Zealand in clay target shooting with one holding the long run award for the last three years. The club meets once a month and is registered with the New Zealand Clay Target Association. No alcohol or ammunition is kept in the club.

The club has been on this site for the last 45 years and have maintained the unformed legal road ever since Council relocated its sanitation plant from the area to another site.

The writer has provided a quote to grade and shape drive and relay with metal totalling $550.00.


THAT the letter from Waihi Clay Target Club be received, and

THAT a grant of $550.00 (plus GST) be contributed to the Waihi Clay Target Club from the Ward Discretionary Fund.

WWC12/16 Carmine/Shepherd CARRIED

COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (864797 & 821968) (246 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

WWC12/17 Carmine/Shepherd CARRIED

Annual Plan Projects 2011/12

The Community Services Manager took the member’s through the status of annual plan projects.

Town Centre Indicators

Completion is scheduled by June 2012. Staff would like to meet with Councilors to determine what would be the most appropriate in terms of signage and location to finalise the project.

It was agreed that staff meet with Ward members following the Council meeting of 28 March to carry out site visits in Waihi to review the renewal of internal town indicators signage, Waihi Cemetery internal signs, Gilmour Lake Reserve naming signs and Waihi town entrance signs.

Pool Report

The members spoke of their concern regarding the high heating costs associated with extending the pool season to allow the use for only a small amount of pool users.

Morgan Park Rugby League

Following last month’s request from the newly formed Waihi Rugby League club to use Morgan Park on Sundays and Wednesday nights, staff will formalise arrangements with the new club for their use of Morgan Park as agreed.

Flag Pole

The flag pole is in place at the Waihi Memorial Hall. The flag is to be flown on Anzac Day and when a directive is received from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to fly the flag.


A request has been received to extend the current urban roadside mowing area to include the northern corner of Regent Street and Waitete road into the Waihi mowing schedule. The cost to do this additional work is approximately $30.00 per mow, or $360 per annum.

It was agreed that the matter be deferred to the next meeting to allow the Community Services Manager to present a GIS map showing the areas which Council currently mows and that a site visit be undertaken to assess whether the subject area should be included in the mowing schedule.

Gilmour Lake – Miners Reflective Area (864797)

The proposed map of where the memorial for the miners and the trees to be planted was presented.

This requires discussion and the project scope finalised if planting is to be completed prior to winter.

The Parks and Reserves Manager has recommended an onsite meeting with the Memorial Project Group, Ward Committee members and the Community Services Manager to discuss the final layout and funding options prior to any work commencement.


THAT an onsite meeting be arranged to finalise the Miners Memorial Project scope of works and funding options.

WWC12/18 Carmine/McLean CARRIED


Waihi Main Street Lighting

The Christmas lighting of the trees, lights and poppet head prompted significant positive feedback from the community and travelling public.

It has been suggested the lights in the centre of town could be upgraded. Photographs of lighting that has been adopted in Tokoroa were presented that could be undertaken similarly in Waihi’s main street.


THAT staff further investigate options and costing of the type of Christmas lighting presented.

WWC12/19 McLean/Carmine CARRIED


Goldfields Railway Inc. – Request for Financial Assistance (870469)

A letter from the President of Goldfields Railway Inc. was presented requesting Councils consideration to funding a grant to allow an engineering and site investigation to be carried out for the replacement of the rail bridge over the Waitete Stream.

NZTA have advised the group that the Waitete Bridge is in need of replacement due to the state of the piers. This is an urgent project which must be attended to before the next round of inspections at the end of 2012.

The members supported that investigations into a replacement rail bridge is necessary as it is an integral part of the railway. They expressed the view that group so a great job in operating the railway as a tourist attraction in the district.

It was therefore agreed that funding should come from the District Community Projects Assistance Fund in support of the engineering and site investigations.


THAT the Waihi Ward Committee supports the funding request, and

THAT it be recommended to Council that $14,651.00 is granted from the District Community Projects Assistance Fund in support of engineering and site investigation costs for a replacement rail bridge over the Waitete Stream.

WWC12/20 McLean/Carmine CARRIED

Newmont Waihi Gold Ltd Announcement

The Mayor advised that Newmont would be holding a meeting on Monday 19th March at 5.00pm at the Golden Legacy Centre to present their proposal advising of their compensation package to properties owners located at the east end of Waihi.

The meeting closed at 3.45pm




S G Baker


10 April 2012