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Crs G R Leonard (Chairperson), B A Gordon, D E Challis, G A Harris, and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs K D Thompson (District Engineer), S B Fabish (Community Services Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


There were no late items.

The Mayor introduced Mere Shortcliffe-Wilson who completed a Rangitahi Course last year which is a Youth Leadership Course for Maori and is a Mayors Taskforce for Jobs initiative.  Mere is undertaking mentoring from the Mayor and to observe and learn about Local Government.


Constable Shane Doddrell of NZ Police (Ngatea) was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

The following points were noted:

  • Small amount of domestic violence but there has been no significant crime over the summer period. Cannabis cultivation for personal use is ongoing.
  • Between the two Police Officers located in Ngatea, 145 arrests were made for the 2011 year.
  • There has been a reduced amount of tagging over Xmas.
  • It was noted that the Hauraki Plains College and Ngatea District High School Centenary celebrations coming up on 24,25 and 26 March.
  • Sgt Doddrell spoke of the importance of retaining the small police stations in communities rather than centralising police to larger centres. He emphasised the need that police presence is retained in smaller communities as they are in touch with what is going on in their local communities allowing them to deal with crime more effectively. He added that the smaller police stations work together with their neighbouring stations in dealing with crime where needed. The Mayor and Councillors supported the view that police presence is essential in these smaller communities.
  • The Community Services Manager spoke on "Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)" courses which are being undertaken by staff to assess that all public toilets meet the safety requirements and principals e.g. lighting etc. This assessment will be undertaken on a one public toilet per year basis.
  • The police were asked to report on any public toilets that they consider have any issues of public safety.
  • Matters regarding surveillance cameras at toilets were queried. Sgt Doddrell asked if Council staff could look at where/if cameras can be installed at toilets. A member asked who follows up the camera footage, the Police or Council. The Community Services Manager responded that the Police usually ask Council to look at the footage in the first instance.
  • A member raised an issue of the Naked Bus Company parking outside the Gull Station. It was considered that it is not suitable from a road safety and pedestrian aspect. Police to monitor the situation. 




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Plains Ward Committee held on Tuesday 14 February 2012 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

PLWC12/11 Harris/Challis CARRIED


Kaiaua Toilets – Repaint

The Community Services Manager reported that staff is presently seeking three quotes for the repaint of the toilets. Two quotes have been received to date.

Kaiaua Bowling Club Remedial Works

A member asked whether funding was available from the Ward Community Facilities and Recreational Development Fund for this unbudgeted remedial work.

The Community Services Manager advised that he will report back to the Ward Committee on the balance of the fund at the next meeting in April.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (843724, 843280) (19 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF document


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received.

PLWC12/12 Harris/Gordon CARRIED

There were no requests for financial assistance this month. To date, the balance of the Ward Discretionary Fund for the 2011/12 financial year is $3,275.37.

 Adobe Acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

PLWC12/13 Gordon/Harris CARRIED

Pensioner Housing

All pensioner units at Pauls Drive and Kaihere Road are tenanted.

Pool Report

The closing date is set for Sunday, 25th of March. Statistics on the pool usage were provided. It was noted that the ‘Learn to Swim’ programme has received high numbers.

The gas heating of the pool has been costly over the cooler period. Costs are $1,360 for a recent cold weekend to heat the pool.

Annual Plan Projects 2011/2

The Community Services Manager took the member’s through the status of annual plan projects.

Ngatea Main Street Gardens - Beautification

The Main Street gardening plan has been received. A meeting has been arranged for March 15th with Councillors to discuss new and future plans for the Ngatea Main Street gardens.

A member commented that the Agapanthus growing on the western drainage bank by the Ngatea Hotel car park are on Council land and need to be maintained by Council staff.

Kaiaua Toilets – Repaint

This project has been approved subject to a fixed price being received for the repainting of the toilets.

Ngatea War Memorial Hall – Upgrade of Kitchen

The Community Facilities Manager, Ward Committee Chairperson and Councils Property Manager have met to discuss the final plans of the upgrade to the kitchen. A price for the upgrade is being sought locally.

Ngatea Memorial Hall – Access Ramp

A price for the extension of the existing ramp has been received at a cost of $6,500. It was agreed that staff and the Committee meet to look at the upgrade of the deck also.

Ngatea Pool – Lane Ropes

It was advised that the cost for the replacement lane ropes came under budget by $205.00.

Ray’s Rest

The bollards and chain that were installed at the southern end of Rays Rest to stop people camping at the front of the bird sanctuary area have been tampered with. The chain has been cut in two places and several bollards removed over a number of days. The access past this area is primarily used to launch and retrieve boats and used as a turnaround point for Motor homes.

To address this issue, it was recommended that ‘No Camping’ signage be installed at the southern end of Ray’s Rest.

Staff also recommended to the Committee that they install a farm style gate, posts/rails and signage at this point to stop the public entering the bird sanctuary area.

A member believed that there was little benefit in installing a gate, posts and rails as they could be easily vandalised. It was suggested that the bollard and chain system at the site remain and that ‘No Camping’ signage be installed. It was requested that signage stating ‘Dogs are Prohibited’ also be installed closer to the main road so that the public can see well in advance before entering the reserve that dogs are not allowed from the east side of the road verge to the shoreline.

There was also a suggestion previously put forward that staff install the interpretation panels from the Taramaire Stream which provide information on nesting birds and their protection and place them at the location of the bollards. It was requested that staff consider this suggestion.


THAT ‘No Camping’ signs be installed at the southern end of Rays Rest from the bollards, and

THAT Council retain the present bollard and chain system and that appropriate ‘Dogs are Prohibited’ signage be installed closer to the main road, and

THAT the area be monitored.

PLWC12/14 Gordon/Harris CARRIED

Hugh Hayward Domain – Cricket Wicket

The new cricket wicket that has been installed in the domain needs additional groundwork to alleviate some initial settling after construction and to rectify some water runoff concerns that have developed since installation.

This would require dirt to be imported, levelled and regressed with an estimated cost of $2,000.

There is no budget for this work; it was suggested this could be funded from the Community Recreational Facilities Development Fund (CFRDF) fund or the Wards Discretionary Fund.


THAT the Cricket Club be approached to seek their interest in undertaking the levelling and grassing of the cricket pitch, and

THAT funding for this project comes from the Ward Discretionary Fund.

PLWC12/15 Harris/Gordon CARRIED

Tilbury Reserve – Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge has recently been water blasted. During this work staff noted that there is a high step from the ground onto the bridge that may provide access problems for some members of the community.

Staff suggested that an additional step or ramp is built on each end to allow better access onto the bridge.


THAT the entrance to the Millenium Bridge be modified to improve access.

PLWC12/16 Harris/Challis CARRIED

Turua Pontoon and Jetty (860673)

A quotation was attached from Kopu Engineering to carry out the work suggested in a recent inspection of the facility. This work is required to bring the ramp and pontoon back to its original operable condition.

Staff has requested quotations from other local firms to complete the work also. To date, Kopu Engineering has provided a quotation as well as Quinn Engineering which was tabled and presented to the Committee.

The Chairperson suggested that Cr Gordon present the two quotations to the Turua Hall Committee meeting that evening to seek their input and discussion on the quotes.


THAT the quotes for the repair of the Turua pontoon and jetty from Kopu Engineering and Quinn Engineering be presented to the Turua Hall Committee for consideration at their meeting of Tuesday 13 March 2012, and

THAT the outcome of these discussions be reported back to the Ward Committee at their meeting of 10 April 2012.

PLWC12/17 Leonard/Harris CARRIED


The extremely wet summer has resulted in some extra mowing having to be carried out in most areas, this is being monitored closely. It was reported that this summer has been one of the second wettest on record with NIWA reporting the highest grass growth ever recorded over summer months.

Members requested that staff review of a number of areas of gardens in and around the Main Street of Ngatea which require maintenance and tidying up before the Hauraki Plains College and Ngatea District High School Centenary.

The meeting closed at 10.15am.



G R Leonard


10 April 2012