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Hauraki District Council
Waihi Ward Committee



Crs S G Baker (Chairperson), D M Carmine, M P McLean, H T Shepherd, A A Tubman and His Worship the Mayor J P Tregidga

Messrs S B Fabish (Community Services Manager), R Leonhart (Corporate Services Manager), G Thomsen (Roading Manager), Ms T Nevin (Strategic Planner), R Leonhart (Corporate Services Manager) and Ms C Black (Council Secretary)


There were no apologies.


Pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Chairperson called for late items to be accepted.


THAT pursuant to Section 46A(7) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the following late items be accepted for discussion.

- Waikino Liaison Committee – Letter requesting support of funding towards amenity planting at the Memorial Bridge site, Waikino

The item was not on the agenda because the item was unavailable at the time of the agenda deadline.

Discussion on the item could not be delayed because the matter required the consideration of the Committee before the next meeting of the Ward.

WWC12/75 Shepherd/McLean CARRIED


NZ Police Officer Dave Litton was in attendance to liaise on community policing matters.

The following points were noted:

  • Vandalism at Pumphouse and damage by vandals to millennium tiles. Rex Leonhart advised that permission would need to be sought from the Power Company to access the power supply at that end of Seddon Street. Lighting would have to be installed as the area needs to be lit up for the CCTV cameras to pick up activity.
  • Police support the continued use of CCTV as they act as an effective deterrent. CCTV would also be beneficial at entranceways to towns to track offenders leaving and entering.
  • Area between Kensington Road and Waitete Road – it was noted that there has been a power outage resulting in no street lighting. It was asked if Council could follow this matter up with the power company.
  • Some farm theft happening, particularly, quad bikes as they are used for Cannabis cultivation.
  • Advised of the proposal to close the Waihi Courthouse. Police do not support its closure. The Mayor suggested that Council prepare a submission advising of their opposition to its closure.
  • The Community Services Manager suggested a monthly meeting be set up with police and Community Services staff to touch base and identify issues which need follow up. It would be of benefit that the notes taken from these meetings be reported back to the Ward.




THAT the minutes of the meeting of the Waihi Ward Committee held on Tuesday 11 September 2012 are confirmed and are a true and correct record.

WWC12/76 Carmine/Tubman CARRIED


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT MONTHLY REPORT (948834) (30 KB) Adobe acrobat PDF document

The Community Development Officer’s monthly report was presented for the Committee’s consideration.

There were no requests for financial assistance.


THAT the Community Development monthly report be received.

WWC12/77 McLean/Carmine CARRIED

COMMUNITY SERVICES MONTHLY REPORT (944628, 961612) (177 KB) Adobe acrobat PDF document

The Community Services monthly report on activities was presented for the Committee’s consideration.


THAT the Community Services monthly report be received.

WWC12/78 McLean/Carmine CARRIED

Annual Plan Projects 2011/12 Carried Forward

Pohutukawa Reserve, Whiritoa – Alternative Delegate for Whiritoa Community Liaison Committee

Staff advised that they are presently preparing information for consultation with adjoining property owners to Pohutukawa Park in view of the proposed upgrade.

To ensure that there is a representative of Council to support Cr Shepherd if he is unable to attend meetings with the Whiritoa Community, it was agreed that Cr Tubman would be the alternative delegate on the Whiritoa Community Liaison Committee.


THAT Cr Tubman is the alternative delegate on the Whiritoa Community Liaison Committee.

WWC12/79 McLean/Carmine CARRIED

Waihi Pool – Opening Dates

Council’s decision to reduce the pools operating budget, in particular the heating costs, has resulted in a reduction of the swim season of four weeks. Council’s direction was to consultant with the Schools and Swim Clubs in the Ward to get their feedback on when the reduction of 4 weeks should take place. The Parks and Reserves Manager sent out a letter to last year’s main users requesting when their preference of the reduction in time would best suited them. The most preferred option was the reduction of one week at the start of the season and three weeks at season’s end. This year the pool would open on the 10th of November 2012 and close on the 10th of March 2013

The College have requested use of the pool for up to 3 weeks, from the 10th March 2013 for water sports i.e. kayaking. The pool would be unheated and unsupervised with the only cost, to Council being the chlorination and water filtration of the pool.


THAT the Waihi pool be open and heated for the public from the 10th November 2012 to 10th March 2013, and

THAT the Waihi College is given permission to use the Waihi pool for up to 3 weeks, after the 10th March 2012, unheated and unsupervised by Council.

WWC12/80 Shepherd/Carmine CARRIED

Gilmour Lake Reserve – Miners Reflective Area

An onsite meeting was held to finalise the placement of the trees and seat for the "Miners Reflective Area" (as per attached map). Formal approval of the planting plan was now requested as the planting of the trees would need to take place soon as conditions are suitable.


THAT the trees are planted soon as conditions are suitable and a seat placed at the Gilmore Lake Miners Reflective area (as per attached plan).

WWC12/81 Carmine/Tubman CARRIED

Sport n Action Trust Letter (965263)

Correspondence was presented from Sport ‘n’ Action Trust updating the Waihi Ward on the Waihi Recreation and Community Centre Project Stage 1A - Waihi Events Centre for the Committee’s information.

Ward Tour

The Community Services Manager advised he would like to plan a tour of the Waihi Ward with the Ward members and relevant staff.

The purpose of this tour is to look at projects that are due to be started within the next 12 months.

It was agreed that a tour be undertaken on Thursday, 15 November from 9.00am until 3.00pm.




The Corporate Services Manager reported on the status and progress of CCTV installation at Whiritoa.

The installation of CCTV equipment is scheduled for mid October 2012. It is expected that the cameras will be operational prior to Labour Weekend.


THAT the report be received.

WWC12/82 McLean/Tubman CARRIED


ROADING REPORT (CR HARRIS) (961982, 962464, 962472, 962454) (590 KB) Adobe acrobat PDF document

The Roading Manager reported on roading matters in the Waihi Ward requiring the member’s consideration as follows:

  1. Waihi Threshold Signage

    Estimated costs (of approximately $35,000/site) for speed limit threshold signage at each of the 3 state highway entrances to Waihi were advised. The report provided details for ward consideration. It was recommended that an investigation to justify the installation be carried out to support an application to NZTA.

  2. New Kerb and Channel – Martin Road or Mueller Street

    The Kerb and Channel programme for the current year included Seddon Slip Road which was deferred by the Ward in favour of Martin Road and Mueller St. Both were investigated in view of the possibility that NZTA subsidy could make construction of both affordable. Subsidy has not been approved and construction can only proceed using Non Subsidised funds.

  3. Beds R Us - Parking Area Maintenance

A service request was received from "Beds R Us" who request that the road drainage which has affected the pavement requires maintenance. The site investigation revealed that the shop frontage kerbing coincides with the SH 2 legal boundary. The shop frontage parking is a sealed area which is separated from the SH2 carriage way by a kerbed grass berm which caters for the shop customers.

In consideration of all roading matters raised, it was suggested that Item (1) regarding Waihi Threshold signage (speed surveys be conducted) be approved, Item (2) and (3) be determined following a visit to the sites whilst members are on the Ward bus tour in November.


THAT the report be received, and

THAT speed surveys at these sites be conducted to gather compliance data that could be used to justify a future proposal to NZTA for this type of improvement at their cost, and

THAT the Ward confirm their preferred option of either Martin Rd or Mueller St for construction of the New Non Subsidised Kerb and Channel as determined by a site visit during the bus tour of the Ward, and

THAT staff be permitted to manage the funding deficit for the New Kerb and Channel as determined by a site visit during the bus tour of the Ward, and

THAT the Ward Committee discuss and provide direction to developing a proposal to manage the ongoing maintenance of the "Beds R Us" road frontage as determined by a site visit during the bus tour of the Ward.

WWC12/83  McLean/Carmine   CARRIED


Waikino Liaison Committee – Letter requesting support of funding towards amenity planting at the Memorial Bridge Site, Waikino (980093)

A letter from Chairperson of the Waikino Liaison Society was presented which sought funding of $1,000.00 towards planting at the entrance of the Memorial Bridge project.

In consideration of this request, the members considered that the $1,000.00 required for the planting project would be included in the $88,000 already allocated for the car park project at the Memorial Bridge site.

Waihi Community Forum Update

Councillor Shepherd provided an update on key issues presently being considered by the Forum.

  • Looking closely at the ‘amenities effects programme’ and how that can be improved.
  • Drawing up a shortlist of independent review panel members to include representatives from the health sector, finance law and property sector.



The Ward estimates for consideration of the 2013/14 Annual Plan were circulated prior to the meeting.


THAT the report on the draft estimates be received.

WWC12/84 Tubman/McLean CARRIED

The estimates were considered with the attendance of the Strategic Planner.

Key points raised:

  • Waikino bridge – grant $1,000 for planting. Agree to assess planting with the bridge consent.
  • Staff and Waihi Ward Members shall be undertaking a long term review of mowing next year, considering rising fuel costs etc.

The meeting closed at 4.40pm




S G Baker


13 November 2012